Fast H-1 Visa Processing Suspended for Six Months by the US

Fast H-1 Visa Processing Suspended for Six Months by the US

Do you have any dream of flying down to the US for studies and carving career? If yes, then think twice. It’s not the right time to take such a big decision. The diplomacy in the US is undergoing transformation. Lenient immigration rules are likely to reinstate by stringent policies.

The Trump-led administration is posing as the terrible threat to the illegal immigration procedure. The deportation procedure is reformed as more stringent. Under this stringency, seven Muslim countries are likely to be slapped with an uncertain ban. By predicting severe consequences of this decision, the federal court has frozen this decision for now. But no sooner this tabled bill will be green signaled, the ban will affect adversely to the US economy as well as the emigrants.

Do you think NRIs, PIOs and OCIs will be spared? Your anticipation may prove incorrect. The H1B policy is likely to be revised.

Suspension of the fast visa processing:

The USCIS or the US Citizenship and Immigration Services has stated on behalf of the US president that

  • The premium processing of visa that was likely to continue from April 3 would be suspended.
  • The seekers of this premium processing of visa must hurry since only 15 days are allotted for subscribing this NRI services for attestation of degree & certificate Till last year, this processing continued for a few months.
  • The premium visa processing service would be availed to the certain applicants who would have been hit by humanitarian reasons and emergency situations. This crunch time has risen extra-ordinary financial crisis to some companies and individuals. This program is specifically kick-started for those ones.

Every prospective emigrant is well versed with this visa policy. What’s it?

Aim of H1B visa policy:

When we turn over the annals, 25th November 1990 emerges as extremely significant. It’s the very day when both, India and the US, inked the H1 B visa policy. What it actually approves to the US is to:

  • Employ non-US citizens who are exceptionally skilled and expert but only on temporary basis.
  • Initially, such emigrant-employees would be permitted to work there for three years only.
  • Later, this period can be extended for three more years but only when comply with certain conditions.

Information and technology (IT), medicine, engineering and mathematics are popped as the biggest beneficiaries subsequent to this treaty. The biggies like Infosys, Wipro and many other enterprises attempted to employ expert graduates from Indian diaspora. The point to cheer for such employees need not undergo the hassles of getting NRI certificate attestation services from HRD. The enterprises oblige such professionals by completing all formalities required for this purpose.   

Certificate attestation from HRD is the path full of barriers because every year 85,000 applicants apply for this visa. Such a huge number of applications can ideate you how lengthy this procedure would be. Moreover, the employer bears their expenses which also include MEA attestation fee in India. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for the Indian pool of talent & expertise.

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    I’m very thankful to S2NRI for providing this valuable information. I was searching the US employer actually in IT services. But for now, I will drop this idea for at least one year. Please keep updating about H1B visa in future also.