Reasoning and Logic for having a 5 day work week culture:

  1. Decreased absenteeism. On a six-day schedule, employees are forced to cram their one day off with personal errands, chores, and social outings. By the time Monday comes around, there hasn't been a minute of rest and employees are just plum beat. So they call out of work. This wouldn't happen so frequently if employees had a second day to accomplish the work they have to do outside of work.
  3. Increased productivity. It's a well-established principle of productivity that workers become less efficient where no deadline looms. That's why we're more efficient in the week before vacation - we know we have to get it done by the time we leave. The same idea is transferable to a shortened workweek. Employees are least productive on Saturdays so why not just eliminate them altogether?
  5. Improved job satisfaction and morale. Satisfaction with what goes on in the workplace may be tied to what goes on outside of the workplace. Employees who spend more time with family and friends, who have the flexibility of two days off, will return to work refreshed, and generally less hostile to their employer.
  7. Reduced personnel turnover. Not surprisingly, Improved job satisfaction and morale leads to Reduced personnel turnover. Happier employees tend to leave less often. If they like the job, they're more likely to stick around.
  9. Improved work-life balance. As a result of the added day, employees who work a five-day week will have more time to spend with their families and friends.
  11. Typically employees who have two days off can utilise one day towards family and friends and another day towards their passion in Life. Money certainly is important, however we all have just ONE Life with the present human body so there must be someway to fulfill our passion while we can. At S2NRI we allow our people to live their passion atleast once a week.