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Single Status Affidavit is Must to Get US’ K1 Fiancee Visa

Single Status Affidavit is Must to Get US’ K1 Fiancee Visa

Immigration kicks off a lot of paper –work. Until and unless you don’t complete it, your travel to foreign remains unconfirmed. Be this trip motivated to tour, work or education, you have to meet several formalities with passport as well as visa authority.

Besides aforementioned reasons, matrimony can be another reason to land to the US or any other foreign country. Without prior knowledge, you can be trapped in legal problems there. Since the immigration rules have been made stricter than ever, it’s better to come across every formality that you would be met with.

Here, you can catch the roundup of K1 fiancee visa that is applied before landing to the US for marriage purpose.  The USCIS (US Citizen and Immigration Services) – the immigration authority of the US, scrutinizes the intentions of the foreigner before nodding. Then, that foreigner would be permitted to wedlock. Afterwards, the right to obtain green-card is all his/hers.

What is k1 Fiancee Visa?

As aforesaid, this visa is a non-immigration visa. It is specifically drawn to travel to the USA and get married with its citizen. The US citizen sponsors it. It’s mandatory that the wedding must be solemnized within 90 days of arrival to the same country.

Adjustment of Status (AOS) a must:

Once the expat enters on Fiancee visa, he/she has to file for Adjustment of Status (AOS). This formality is mandatory. Without it, the expat can’t acquire green card of the US which identifies the permanent resident status.

The visa holder must solemnize marriage within stipulated time of 90 days. If so does not happen, the USCIS can detain or initiate the process of deportation.  And if the wedding occurs within the said duration, the expat must file an application for Adjustment of Status that delivers a right of citizenship to him/her.

Which supporting documents are required to get k1 visa:

  1. Copy of approval of I-129
  2. Copy of spouse’ I-131 & I-765
  3. Copy of marriage certificate
  4. Single status affidavit
  5. Copy of foreign spouse’ birth proof
  6. 2-Passport sized photos with full name
  7. Copy of EAD cards
  8. Police verification form

The affidavit of single status out of all these supporting documents can be procured from the court or sub-divisional magistrate, if in India. Thereafter, it requires attestation from HRD of the MEA. It proves that the Indian expat is single by marital certificate. This eligibility is proved through the affidavit or the bachelorhood certificate India. In other countries, it may be known with different names, like certificate of no marriage.


  1. Form I-485

What: It’s an application to change the status of expat from foreigner to the citizen. It’s noteworthy that the expat is eligible to apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS) even if the Fiancee visa is expired, i.e. within the 90 days of arrival. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the person should be married with the US native.

Why essential: The expat becomes eligible to hold citizenship automatically post marriage. The status must be changed while being in the US. The applicant can submit the application in the US consular office. If he/she does not do so or the fiancée visa expires, his/her stay would be considered as unlawful. The USCIS can deport him/her.

  1. Form G-325A

What: It’s the form describing the biographic details of the expat. However, he/she would have already submitted such details while applying for fiancée visa. But it requires updates. Post marriage, the expat needs to upgrade & submit it.

Why essential: The USCIS requires updated status of every individual living in the US. This form modifies the status from emigrant to the US citizen.

  1. Form I-864

What: This form is the affidavit of support that states the assets, funds and income of the foreign spouse. It mentions the details of the recent tax returns and W2’s form along with other details.

Why essential: The US law has a norm to specify the financial particulars of the US spouse & the expat’s. This norm mandates disclosure of financial support that must exceed 125% or above the poverty guideline rate. If the income and assets don’t qualify the norm, a co-sponsor can contribute but to a definite limit. The co-sponsor can be more than one.

  1. Form I-693

What: It’s a medical examination & vaccination report. The expat has to undergo medical checkup while seeking Fiancee visa. It is obtained from the civil surgeon who is authorized by the USCIS to be submitted with AOS form.

Why essential: It determines that the expat is physically fit and healthy. His/her blood has no traces of communicable disease and he/she is vaccinated as per requirement of the law. If the certificate has been obtained earlier when applied for fiancée via, no medication test would be required. The certification will be mandatory.

  1. Form I-765

What: This form discloses the work permit which is also known as the Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  It is not mandatory. Any expat is not permitted to work until he/she has obtained EAD or legal permanent residency, whichever is obtained first.

Why essential: It is required to get approval to work in the US. Unlike AOS, this permit can be applied shortly after entering the territory of the US on K1 visa. For seeking it, the expat needs Social Security Number but needs not require the EAD.

  1. Form I-131

What: It’s a travel permit. You can call it the Advance Parole. It is not a mandatory document.

Why essential: It allows the expat to work (via I-765) and travel across the US.

How I Renew Old Indian Passport? Can I Add My Spouse to It?

How I Renew Old Indian Passport? Can I Add My Spouse to It?

The validity of my passport is going to expire in 2 months. Do I need to verify with police again? One thing more I want to add my spouse’ name to it. Do I need to file a fresh application for new passport or will the old one be renewed? Please explain ‘how’ also.

Yes, you can get it renewed and you are permitted to add spouse’ name to your new book. Indeed, what you asked are pretty common problems. Hundreds of expats are encountering it. Such inflicted non-residents can go through the following procedure of passport renewal in India.

  1. Online registration: With the transformation of typical passport application format, the new digital format is quite impressive. Believe, it’s really very easy to apply for renewal of passport by following these steps.
  • Browse official government website of passport.
  • Get registered with the PSK site by clicking the hyperlinked ‘Register Now’ on home page.
  • Access the link on your email id.
  • Login through the activated account.
  • Click “Apply for fresh passport/re-issue of passport”.
  1. Fill application: After getting registered, you would land to the page that would have 2 formats of application. You can select either of them to apply for fixing Indian passport renewal time. Subsequently, the verification would take place in-person at PSK office. Those2 formats are:
  • PDF of re-issue of passport application.
  • Softcopy of the same application form.

Fill the requisite information, like name, residential address, contact details, DoB, village/city/district and so on. If you had already enjoyed nri services while being in foreign country, you would have OCI card. You should mention it there.

  • Upload the filled application form. The system will ask for verification before saving.
  • Click ‘validate’ tab.
  • Take out its hard copy.
  1. Pay: Once the application of the Indian passport renewal form is completed, the browser will automatically direct you to the tab that points to fulfill all requirements to pay its online charges.
  • Click on ‘’Pay and Schedule Appointment”.
  • The options will be in front of you. Choose either ‘online payment’ or ‘challan’.
  • If you select online method, the browser will redirect you to the netbanking wherein you can made payment in account of PSK.
  • Download the receipt afterwards.
  • Check if the barcode and payment confirmation are clearly visible on it.

You can appoint an outsourcing entity like for getting rid of sweat & hassles.

  1. Fix an appointment: After payment, the website will redirect you to the page where you can choose the ‘date of appointment’. An auto-generated slot would be available there. You need to pick up the most suitable from those dates.
  2. Documents required: Visit the PSK office on the selected date & venue with these papers:
  • Hard copy of the application form with the Application Reference Number.
  • Old passport’s photocopy of first, last and the page with ECNR information.
  • Address proof, like Utility bills/electricity bill/proof of gas connection/ ration card/bank passbook/ aadhaar card or voter id.
  • Marriage certificate & its photocopy.
  • Originals of 10th mark sheet/college degree.

After verification there, the police verification will occur within a week or 10 days. The applicant must be ready with 2 witnesses and their aadhaar card.


Is Police Clearance Certificate Must for Reissuing Passport?

Is Police Clearance Certificate Must for Reissuing Passport?

My old passport is torn. And I don’t have its details with me, like passport number, issue date, date of expiry and place of issuance. Should I get police clearance certificate once again like erstwhile? Or, would it be renewed without any police verification?

Police verification is primed to job aspirants in the foreign country. The recent amendments in the immigration policies of the US, UK, Australia and Singapore spotlighted the vulnerability as well as motivation to the indigenous talent.

There are many articles, blogs and forum postings that sound variable. But indeed, PCC or police clearance certificate is a must to acquire for claiming the pivotal document called ‘passport’. It’s just a hearsay that police document in original is required only for the first time of its issuance. It is required once again.

Why to reissue passport?

There can be any reasons of losing passport. It can be torn into pieces and also be damaged due to drenching in water or catching up fire. Besides, there is just an obvious cause that can compel to apply for passport, i.e. its expiry.

All aforementioned situations can be dealt by applying for new passport. For it, various documents shall be required. Also, the police verification document shall be enclosed the requisite documents to re-apply passport.

Why do you require PCC?

PCC is a legal document issued by the commissioner of police in the specific region. Before handing it over to the seeker, police scrutinizes the background of the applicant. In the nutshell, it identifies the criminal check certificate that can be sought when the person would apply for OCI card, visa to work abroad and to apply for re-issue of passport.

Which documents do you need to provide for PCC certificate?

The competent authority of Passport Sewa Kendra in any region asks to submit valid documents under two conditions. These are:

  • If the residential address is similar to the one mentioned in the old passport.
  • If the residential address is different from the earlier one stated in the old passport.

If the applicant applies PPC certificate under first situation, he/she has to produce:

  • Original old passport
  • Self-attested copy of its first two and last two pages, including ECR & non-ECR page
  • Proof of residential address, like Aadhaar Card, water bill, electricity bill, proof of gas connection, passbook, rental agreement, election commission photo ID card etc..

If the applicant meets second condition, he/she would require the following documents:

  • Original old passport
  • Its self-attested photocopy of first and last two pages

Although the foretold documents are mandatory as per norms yet there may be more paper-requirements. To acknowledge which more documents are required, the applicant can contact Regional Passport Officer (RPO). His decision shall be final if the police verification certificate is requested for re-issuance of passport.       

What’s the process of police verification in Indian?

In order to say goodbye to hassles, there are some reliable outsourcing nri services providers, such as s2nri and many more. They attest police verification certificate for job at trivial cost. If the person wants to apply by self, he/she can:

  • Fill online application for ‘re-issue the passport’.
  • Book an appointment with Passport Sewa Kendra (PSK).
  • Get an application receipt on which RPO has writer ‘Pre’, ‘Post’ or ‘No’ for police verification.
  • An SMS would be initiated that goes as ‘Police verification is initiated. Contact Commissioner of Police, District, if not done within 3 weeks’.
  • When the whole formality will be complete, the applicant can read his/her receipt if it states ‘Post’, the police will conduct criminal check verification after all formalities at PSK.
  • The police will ring to his/her registered number for conducting verification.
  • Post 10 days or more of inquiry, the new passport will be issued.