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How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online In India?

How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online In India?

Are you waiting for the help to get your birth certificate?

Is your passport or visa rejected due to no birth certificate?

Are you 1986 or 1989 born who don’t have birth proof?

Don’t you have the idea how to apply for birth certificate?

However, difficulty captures you later if your parents have not gotten it in 21 days of birth. You can’t get government facilities. Other government documents, like PAN Card & Aadhar Card, will not be issued in its absence. Neither will you be able to fly abroad. The passport and visa petition will be rejected. Banks will reject opening your account.

Then, what?

Let I tell what you can do.

Who does register birth in India?

  1. In Urban India: The Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 mandates birth registration. Municipal Corporations are the competent authority to look after it. The registrar or sub-registrar addresses this problem in every region.
  2. In Rural India: And wherever this government body does not exist, the para-medical staff does so. It happens mostly in the rural areas.

Now, the physical barrier is removed. The person can apply online. With the power of internet in handset, its seekers can visit the virtual Municipal Corporation office.

If you apply in-person, be ready to stand in queues for hours. And take a day’s off for transiting from one office to another one. This birth record stays available for 15 years there.  So, the person can withdraw it from there. But later, it would be a herculean task.

The digital space has abandoned such a tug-of-war like situations. Now, the online form for obtaining birth proof is available. What to fill where and how for it are answered below:

Which site to visit?

  1. Official website: This is the link of the official government website: for online certificate of birth in India.

But the new one will be puzzled to get there.

  1. Outsourcer’s website: If you don’t want to tussle with government formalities, outsourcers are there, let’s say, Services2NRI. Let I reveal the secret how can you get your birth proof while being at home.

You can visit its official virtual site:

Which form to fill?

1. Official form: It’s just a sample of the form that parents’ fill within 21 days of birth occurrence. The applicant’s parents fill it.


Like it, there is another form. That is for the relatives who witnessed the birth if there is none. You can seek their declaration stating the similar voice (as stated in the form).

2. Sign up the outsourcer’s website:

If you want to stay away from such hassles, it’s ok. You can go to outsourcers of NRI services. They render their valuable your hands.
For instance:

Just sign up by filling a simple form.

What information to fill?

  1. Official form’s requirement:

As you have seen, the declaration form to obtain birth certificate online in India will have these blanks:

  • Name
  • Parent’s address
  • Exact date of birth
  • Place of birth

Fill them with valid details appropriately.

  1. Outsourcer’s form requirement:

The outsourcers don’t provide such a blueprint of the form. But they require the similar information so that they can fill it on your behalf.

You can sign up providing these details. Then, login with password.

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Afterwards, send the query to the third party. It will revert back to you.

Which documents are to attest & attach?

  1. For official form’s attachment: The registrar or sub-registrar will issue it only when he’ll get the attested copy of the original proofs. However, the original copies should be enclosed for verification only.
  • Attested photocopies of address proof
  • Attested photocopies of parent’s proof
  • Attested photocopies of school certificate
  • Affidavit or self- made declaration of the parents
  1. For outsourcer’s attachment: The third party will provide it when you’ll send the scanned copy of these documents.
  • Address proof
  • Parents’ identity proof
  • School certificate proof

How much duration will it take to process?

More or less, both parties take at least one month to deliver it. Where they differ is the point of hassles. The latter (third party) works to cuts your burden. You need not go in-person. Neither do you have to stand in queues. The certificate comes into the inbox within 30 to 60 days.

PIO to Convert Into OCI for Admission in Deemed Varsities

PIO to Convert Into OCI for Admission in Deemed Varsities

It’s really interesting to know that around 30+ million Indians live abroad. Out of them, 17,835,407 expats are PIOs whereas 13,008,012 form non-residents’ diaspora, according to the Ministry of External Affairs.

31st December 2017- Last date for PIO to OCI Conversion:

The PIO concept is fading out of the immigration mirror. The Modi-led Indian government had announced for the merger of PIO cards into OCIs in 2014. While taking the benefits of latter card into account, the government introduced this change.  This decision was composed to dispel the confusion over the usage of both cards.

PIO or Person of Indian Origin Card was launched in 2005 with its validity timeline of 15 years. Its holders could travel, work and even reside in India till the end of 15 years.

On the flip side, OCI or Overseas Citizen of India Card came with great package of benefits & value additions for the expats of Indian origin. Their travel across Indian Territory would be valid till lifetime. No specific visa would need to be taken for meaningful visit, like gaining education or professional training. The benefits of this card are far more than that of former card. This is why PIO to OCI conversion is made mandatory.

This is the 4th time when Indian PM extended the due date for the conversion of the PIO card. There are many Indians who serve their duties in Israel, China, Malaysia and many other countries. Their responsibilities regarding job and other factors cause delays in this conversion. This is why the due date is extended so that the expats from India can get it converted during the extended period.

Allowed OCI Students to Take Admission in Medical:  

The conversion of PIOs into OCIs will definitely be a silver lining for the NRI aspirants who want to take admission in the medical field.  Recently, the Karnataka High Court granted admission of the OCI students to the undergraduate medical and dental courses. This permission is valid for those who have been appeared and cleared the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). They are permitted to take admission in any deem university under the management quota.

What did the court announce regarding admission of OCI students?

  • Such expats would be eligible to take admission in any deemed university under the management quota.
  • The Director General of Health Services (DGHS) would notify all the OCI students regarding this order of the court. He would also convey the on-going second round of the admission counseling for the MBBS and BDS courses.
  • OCI students will be entitled to take admissions in all quotas, including management, government and NRI. This is declaimed in the interim order of the Bench that comprised the Medical Council of India.
  • The quota for the OCI students would be extended to all India quota medical seats in the state-run medical colleges.
  • Under Citizenship Act, overseas citizens would have no bar in law to take admission in the deemed varsities. This act delivers them the right to take exam of all-India pre-medical test or any other test for the persuasion of career in any other field.

These interim orders have given a lease of life to the NRI students who want to catch up their career in medical field. They can apply for the OCI card in India or file a petition for the conversion of PIO card (if they have) to shape up their career in India. Once acquired this card, they would be able to grab its leverages lifelong.

10 Tips to Crack Green Card Marriage Interview for the US

10 Tips to Crack Green Card Marriage Interview for the US

Getting settled post marriage with the US spouse in America is a can of worms. A little mistake can create barriers in union with the better-half.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) holds all responsibilities to carry on all formalities ethically. Be it rendering K1 or K3 visa for marriage or H1 B visa for business travel, it looks after every matter that is concerned with the immigration process.

After getting the K-1 or K-3 visa for solemnizing marriage with the US partner, the immigrant spouse must apply for a change of status. Green card awards this status. But getting it is not like a piece of pie. The foreign spouse has to pass through the ordeal of ‘question-n-answer’ round at the USCIS office. The interview goes on and finally, the permanent residency is awarded.

But out of around 45K immigrants, only a few enable to get it. Most of them fail in the green card marriage interview in the US. So, this blog surrounds that specific interview and the tips to crack it.

  1. Be Punctual: Don’t be late for the interview. The coolest way to get off the grudge of the USCIS officers is to reach half an hour before the scheduled time of interview. It’s better to mark presence in the pair.
  2. Dress Properly: I’m not saying that you have to dress like to kill. But your dressing should be impactful, sober and sophisticated. You have to put on formals for looking good before the federal. Bear in mind that you are going for one-o-one round in the federal building.
  3. Be ready with all documents: The officers would appreciate with a whole heart if you come with all the documents of marital relationship. If there is any marriage certificate from the foreign country where matrimony took place, take it along. If there is no such proof, apply for it. Don’t forget to apply for the certificate attestation in India at MEA office and embassy. These proofs can be:
  • Wedding invitation
  • Wedding photograph/portfolio
  • Birth certificate
  • Birth certificate of children (if any)
  • Property papers
  • Photographs
  • Marriage certificate
  • Joint bank account
  • LIC or any other insurance document and so on.
  1. Be a good listener: It is advisable to mark your presence at the federal building with a fresh mind. Be ready to all ears and answer accordingly. The interview will go on around 30 minutes. So, carry all the documents in organized format.

Don’t try to be over smart while providing additional answers to the simple question. Make eye-contact while talking and be patient while answering.

  1. Don’t sound fake or unnatural: Don’t be the story-teller. If you don’t remember the date or time of first meeting before marriage, confess that you don’t remember. Creating a story may reflect you fake or sound unnatural. The officers can be skeptical, then.
  2. No specific query: No specific questions are there in preparation for the interview. All questions would be spun around the marriage, such as when did you meet first, which gift your husband gave after marriage and so on.
  3. Ask from the marital history: Most of the questions would have the dash of history of the relationship. For example, was it the arrange marriage or love marriage? When did you meet and where for the first time? And so on.

Therefore, memorize all such things and be ready to answer in the short fragment of time.

  1. Do you know each-other well?

The officers will try to identify the truth of your relationship. The way you show your mutual understanding while answering will satisfy them. But if the answers of both do not match, they can run “Stroke interview”.

In the stroke interview, each spouse has to counter the questions separately. The queries will be very common and easy to answer. At the end, the officers will match the answers of identical questions. In case, they find any difference, they can reject your petition for the green card.

  1. Test of mutual understanding: The officers would be adept at noticing your gestures and body language. If they trace any sign of fake relationship via your talkative nature or too much of clarifications, they would reject the petition.
  2. Take assistance: If you have any immigration attorney, take along. And face the interview with him/her. You can premeditate or consult the attorney for taking a few vital tips for facing that interview.

How to Get Birth Certificate in India via NABC for Passport?

How to Get Birth Certificate in India via NABC for Passport?

The proof of birth is a key to get through official documentation like a walkover. Without it, getting passport or visa is a nightmare.  Several of Indians encounter various legalities for seeking it. But ignorance and incomplete knowledge can be painful.

Officially, birth should be registered within 21 days of mandatory timeline in India. And many of us get it within stipulated time. But later, they lose it due to fire or some other reasons. They turn blind eye to this mandate. They realize their stupidity & ignorance when their application for passport or visa is rejected due to having no birth proof.

What should be done at that moment? How can you get unregistered birth after 20 or 30 years? If these queries are yours, catch the information as it carries the answer to your birth registration questions.

Getting birth certificate from municipal authorities in India is a herculean task. The registrar of civil agency rejects application of unregistered birth. But this problem is not the end of the world. It can be sorted out by withdrawing non-availability of birth certificate (NABC).

Let’s have a glance over its definition.

Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC):

It’s a legal document certifying that the search has been made to find birth proof of a particular person under Section 17 of Registration of Birth & Death Act. But no evidence of original birth proof has been traced.

This document can be used as a licence to raise new original birth certificate. Some authorities might approve it in the place of birth certificate but it may not compulsorily happen.

Where should you apply for NABC in India?

The competent authority that holds the power to issue it is Municipal Corporation (MC). If the region is rural and no such governing body exists, the person can seek it from the vaccination centre. The head of para-medical staff holds the authority of issuing NABC format to register unregistered birth.

There might be some critical birth situations when none of these authorities would be approached. A few of these are:

  • If the person was born in a vehicle
  • If the person was born in jail
  • If the person was born at public place
  • If the person was born at home.

In all the above situations, the person can approach to the nearest MC office where the birth occurred for withdrawing his/her NABC. As a proof, he/she must have the letter of incharge (of vehicle)/ jail. If home was the birth place, the letter of the head of the family and 2 other witnesses’ who were 10+ years of age at the time of birth should be presented.  These witnesses can be relative or family member or friend.

What is the checklist of documents required for NABC?

  • School Certificate
  • Affidavit
  • Driving licence
  • PAN Card
  • Ration Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Letter of the witnesses.
  • Parent’s ID proof.

Is it possible to get birth certificate for passport with NABC in India?

Passport authority approves authentic birth proof. Once you have obtained it, you can apply for original birth certificate from the MC. The authority verifies the validity and authenticity of supporting documents, like birth and address proofs. Thereafter, it is issued.

How to get it online via third party?

As an example, S2NRI is considered as the third party. It helps in getting unregistered birth registered.

  • Go to the site ‘com’.
  • Sign up if you are a new user.
  • Sign in if you are registered with the site.
  • Send your inquiry as ‘for seeking NABC’. A reply with ‘thank you’ greeting will be delivered to your inbox.
  • The customer support officer will catch you on phone or shoot an email in reply.
  • Send the scanned copy of all supporting documents.
  • Pay the minimum amount against the service online.
  • The certificate will be dropped to your inbox within 15 to 30 days.

Thereafter, you can apply for your passport at the nearest ‘Passport Sewa Kendra’.