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How Your Parents Can Register Birth for US Citizenship?

How Your Parents Can Register Birth for US Citizenship?

Several NRIs (non-residents of India) are willing to take their parents along with them in the residence country. But some documentation works cause disruption.

Let’s say, my mother doesn’t have a birth certificate. Her birth stayed unregistered erstwhile. Now, I want her to settle with me in the US. It can’t be possible until and unless she would have the birth certificate. Undoubtedly, this document completes the major requirements.

Therefore, I’ve researched and found some concrete solutions to get rid of this trouble. This blog will let you know how you can get non-availability of birth certificate (NABC).

Wondering why I am talking about NABC, but not about the birth certificate?

Actually, you can’t apply for birth certificate after one year of birth directly from the Municipal Corporation office. Despite being a competent authority, it can’t go against the standard rule of the government. But there is another way. You can apply for the NABC to register the unregistered birth in India.

What is the US Citizenship?

The process of acquiring the US citizenship by the expats as per the Congress in the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) is called the US Citizenship. This process requires several formalities and conditions to fulfill. Once they are all done, the foreigner achieves the citizenship of the USA.

One of its major requirements for the documentation is the birth certificate. Therefore, the parents should apply for the unregistered birth certificate.

How can you get non-availability of birth certificate (NABC)?  

  1. Visit the site of the District Municipal Corporation (MC).
  2. Get registered with the site.
  3. Login to get an easy access of the birth certificate/affidavit.
  4. Download the form/affidavit.
  5. Fill all the requisite details, like father & mother’s name, date of birth, location, address, witnesses and so on.
  6. Enclose the following documents’ scanned copy:
  • School records, like School Certificate, Mark Sheet and so on.
  • State of Federal Census Record, like Ration Card with the scripted name of the children & spouse.
  • Church record (if the baptism is occurred in the church).
  • Adoption decree (if the person is adopted by someone).
  • Voter card
  • Driving Licence
  • PAN Card
  • Passport (Both surrendered & current, if any)
  • Affidavit of the two witnesses who can be any of the parents or relatives but would have been 10+ years of age when they witnessed the birth of the applicant.
  • The affidavit statement should have correctly filled all details.
  1. After enclosing the document, you need to pay the service charge online.
  2. Then, download the receipt for further reference.

Meanwhile, the verification will go on. And afterwards, the NABC will be initialized within a month. But for expats or NRIs, it can take 15 days at least.

Alternatively, you can directly visit the district MC office. File a plea for registering the unregistered birth. You can enclose all the above said documents with the application form. They would be considered as a secondary evidence of the birth.

Besides all these, you may need to enclose the photocopy of these:

  • Letter of the jail in-charge (if born in the jail)
  • Letter of the health officer (if vaccinated in the nearby dispensary & born at home)
  • Letter of the doctor (if born in the hospital)
  • Letter of the Sarpanch (if born in the village)
  • Letter of the vehicle In-charge (if born in the moving vehicle)
  • Letter of the head of the Dharamshala (if born there).

Once you accomplish all such form filling, appending the requisite documents, you can pay the service charge. The Registrar will call you for the verification. Visit with the original supporting documents. Get the birth proof. Subsequently, you can apply for the US citizenship certificate easily.

5 Diwali Celebration Ideas That You Can’t Afford to Miss

5 Diwali Celebration Ideas That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Are you expecting that I’d start giving boring explanation over Diwali?

Well, I would love to provide value to your reading. So, I’d share some vital things that are a part of our Hindu tradition. But sans briefing about this festival’s significance, how could our next generation know?

So, here we begin.

Why do we celebrate Diwali?

Diwali aka Deepawali aka the festival of light infers an array of light. It symbolizes how goodness weighs over the demonic acts. It is celebrated on the shukla paksha of the Kartik Krishna Amavasya, as per Hindu’s calendar. It falls at the end of Hindu lunar month Ashvin and the beginning of the Kartik month.

With Dhanteras, Diwali’s mega celebration kicks off. People bring something new, like utensils, cloths, accessories, electrical appliances or any other thing, to their home. Merchants, traders and even, housewives worship ‘Kuber’ (the lord of riches) at their respective places. They illuminate the household, terrace and workplace. You can say that it’s a kind of cleanliness drive that takes place once in a year.

Naraka Chaturdashi  is also known as Choti Diwali. As the Hindu mythology goes lord Krishna, Satyabhama and Kali slayed Narakasura on this day.  This day is dedicated to the decoration. With beautiful Rangoli and earthen lamps, the houses are illuminated.

The third day is also known as Padwa or badi Diwali. The spouse (male) is regarded as Padwa. This eve is also considered as the marriage anniversary. Brothers take their sisters along from their in-laws house. The traders begin new accounting books (journals) from this day.

Next day is dedicated to Lord Krishna. He saved the people of Gokul from the cruelty of Lord Indra who unleashed torrential rain. The streets and houses were submerged. And people had no way to run away. Eventually, Krishna took the villagers under the shed of Govardhan Parvat (mountain). Later, they were rescued.

Thereafter fall Bhai Dooj. This festival denotes the pious love of brothers and sisters. It’s celebrated with the same feeling as of Rakhi.

All these festivals together create a festoon of happiness. But sans these ideas, the real sensation goes missing.

5 Ideas that you can’t afford to miss this Diwali:

  1. Shopping:

Any festival is incomplete without new things and cloths. Whether it’s for revamping or worshipping,   you require new paint, clothes, accessories and many more things. All these new things insert an essence of festival. The excitement & feel of this festival remain same indigenously or abroad.

You need not wander door to door of the shops. Go for window shopping 24X7. Don’t bother about the misfit as the online shoppers cater every wearable & accessory in different sizes. Select according to the size or dimension. Go through the terms & conditions. Check the payment option and choose accordingly. All those channels are absolutely seamless & designed to remove your hassles.

  1. Rangoli Making:

Rangoli is a beautiful pattern of rainbow colours. On Diwali, the wise women or maidens churn the rice and draw the designs on the floor. It consists of some traditionally auspicious patterns like Swastik, Ganesha, Om, peacock, motifs and so on. If they want, they can use petals, flowers and cereals to create the captivating pattern.

It is all done to welcome the goddess Lakshmi so that she would bestow the wealth & prosperity.

  1. Decorating with diyas and lightning:

Without illumination, the celebration is half. The night of Diwali is a new moon night. The environment envelops in the darkness. To dispel that murkiness, people illuminate earthen lamps, candles and electric bulbs. This illumination symbolizes enthusiasm and excitement.  The core message of this fest is not to feel low. Always be in high spirit. The grey shade of your life will be ended soon.

  1. Worshipping:

This festival is named to Lord Rama, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. People worship them with holy heart & devotion while emerging in new drapes. They pledge to follow the path of decorum shown by Lord Rama. Lord Ganesha marks auspiciousness and goddess Lakshmi showers wealth. Therefore, people tend to appease them with the hymns, Arti and poojan.

  1. Gifting & firework:

After worshipping, the time comes for exchanging gifts and sweets. Once they are done with the gift distribution, they move to cracking fires. They burn crackers, rockets and small bombs. This is how they show their extreme joy and streaming happiness.

How Can NRI Provide Best Parents Care in India from Abroad?

How Can NRI Provide Best Parents Care in India from Abroad?

NRIs settle abroad by leaving their belongings here in India. Their biggest belonging is their parents. They sigh; they cry; they often chat and even, talk via video calling. But all these efforts are not enough to fill the chasm of their bereavement.

Parents grow old. On reaching such age, they seek the support of young shoulders. They want to rely upon their own grown up children. But the urgency of earning livelihood takes them away. Staying abroad doesn’t deprive them of sensibility & responsibilities towards their parents. And many of them tend to get worried about their old father & mother. This is where they need a help. They search for the person who can take intensive care of their parents.

There are many organisations, like APRIO-Association of Parents of Indians Resident Overseas & BAYADA. Such organisations bear the major responsibilities to provide NRI parents care in India. Thereby, the children can heave a sigh of relief a bit. But they should know how to choose the best care for them.

Let’s start with the basic requirements that are a key to select the best caring partner.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Health Care: Growing age invites many health issues. This is the biggest threat regarding the parents for the NRIs. Therefore, the selection procedure should be critical. Pick the one that is experienced in delivering:
  • Routine health checkup
  • Taking calls
  • Nursing at home
  • Help to disseminate information and many more embedded things.
  1. Financial Care: Money is a basic need to survive in the world. Therefore, they require it for making their living smoothly. Mostly, the pension is their source of earning at that age. But it may not be enough for them.
  2. Companionship: Isolation kills. At the age when the body gives up functioning properly, they need the partner to talk, to get amused and to gossip. Therefore, the selected organization should have proficiency in providing the best companion to the old people.  

How can NRI provide the best parents care in India from abroad?

It’s fine if the non-residents are unable to attend their parents’ need personally. There are many deemed and authorized entities that take care of their parents at a definitive service cost. Since they have the capacity to afford such entities, they can hire them. But meanwhile, they should probe if the hired organization provides holistic parents care or not.

Here are some points that they can bear in their mind while picking up the best one.

  • Attend if they provide monthly & quarterly health assessment.
  • Check if they avail free visit of a physician without any emergency to the parents at home.
  • Know do they provide routine/weekly health checkup by the nurse.
  • Find do they arrange an in-house nurse for meeting emergency requirements.
  • Determine if they have any provision for periodic amusements, like parties, and outings.
  • Identify do they look into arranging conduits for transferring funds via NRO, NRE or FCNR bank accounts of the children.
  • Know do they deal in dissemination of the information, like taking care of the national and international couriers, letters and emails.
  • Seek information over do they set up the inbound and outbound communication, including chat through mobile phone & internet.
  • Identify do they render health assessment report & the feedback of the aged parents to the NRI children.
  • Check if they pay utility bills, like electricity bill, water bill & telephone bill on the parent’s behalf.
  • Determine if they pay tax on the parent’s behalf.
  • Find out if they indulge in conducting banking transactions.
  • Determine if they can collect rental payment from the tenants.
  • Know if they safeguard them by deploying a security guard.
  • Check if they have any provision of the insurance of the old people.
  • Look into if they go for travel arrangements.

How can you select in-house nurse in India?

  • Hire the certified from the Nursing Association of India
  • She should have working experience as well as on-the-job-training experience of at least 3 years
  • In-house nursing experience would be a plus.
  • She should be affiliated & recognized by any deemed hospital or social welfare agency.
  • Access all previous working experience reports for verification via a reliable source.
  • The physician of the family should interact with her to know about her abilities and potentials. He must communicate the responsibilities to be undertaken.
  • Police verification must be undertaken before employing her.

How OCIs/PIOs Renew Green Card in US for Permanent Residence?

How OCIs/PIOs Renew Green Card in US for Permanent Residence?

Nostalgia catches several expats. They magnetize towards their home, people, culture, and kith & kin. Eventually, they return to their home town.

A person gave up his US residency three decades ago. But later on, he wanted to make a comeback. It was possible but he has to go through the entire procedure of getting a green card from scratch. However, his old card had no expiry date. But since three decades passed while leaving the USA, it was cancelled.

That was just an incident. There are many more reasons when you require renewing the green card. Let’s catch a look over all those ones:

When do you require renewing green card?

  1. When the 10 year long validity of your green card is likely to expire.
  2. When your previous card was stolen, burnt, mutilated, destroyed or lost.
  3. When you did not receive your previously applied green card.
  4. When you’re going to be 14 years old by birth.
  5. When you want to end up being a commuter & willing to settle as the permanent resident of the USA.
  6. When you’re willing to replace permanent resident status with the commuter.
  7. When your green card reads incorrect or incomplete biographic details that you’ve revised through the court, like change in the name or get married.
  8. When your status of an expat meets the legitimacy to get the green card automatically.
  9. When you’re a permanent resident and your previous version of card is expired. It composes the ones who have applied for Form AR-3, Form AR-103 and Form I-151 with the USCIS.

How can you renew the Green Card?

  1. The residents (living inside the USA) can apply to replace the green card with the USCIS & pay via its lockbox in the Phoenix DC AZ. Or,
  2. The permanent residents living outside, like PIO or OCIs, can contact the nearest consulate office of America. Afterwards, they can fill the Form I-90.
  3. Fill the Form I-90.
  4. Enclose the documents:
  • Original permanent resident card unless it is stolen, lost, destroyed, mutilated, or never received.
  • Submit the copy if the original documents are unavailable at the immigration
  • If you’re 18+ years old & don’t have the copy or original, attach the photocopy of your identity proof. It can be your driving licence, photocopy of the passport or any other one that wears your date of birth, name, photograph and signature.
  • Submit two photographs of 2”X2” of dimensions within 30 days of filling Form I-90 (an application to replace a permanent resident card). It should have no formatting or editing. On the flip side of these photographs, write your alien registration number with a pencil.

(The alien registration number in the United States is popularly known as Form I-551. It represents the green card or a permanent residence card. It can be served as a permit to work and live permanently in the United States.)

  • If you’re likely to renew this card after getting 14 years old, you must be fingerprinted with the USCIS. It will let you know when and where you can go for your fingerprinting.
  • Another reason for the renewal of this card is to update the biographic data. As happens in India, you must submit the licit proof, like marriage certificate or affidavit of single status certificate or affidavit for changing the biographic persona. Enclose the proofs with explanation as the USCIS authority requires it.
  1. If you’re applying as being a commuter, you can apply for the temporary proofs of your permanent residence and also the travel or employment proofs. They will be really helpful if you’ve lost your original proofs. Afterwards, you can apply for the renewal via Form I-90.

How can you know the decision of the USCIS over your application for replacing green card? 

The immigration authority will notify you via mail or in writing. You need to fill the Form I-89 which would be your data collection card. If it is approved, the authority will process & deliver your green card.

If it is rejected, you can re-appeal for the same. The reasons of rejection can be incomplete or wrong data in the form. And sometimes, it can be the flaw of officials.

The applicant can identify the error in the form as the authority mentions it in the rejection letter.  At that time, you can appeal through a motion to reopen. Provide the facts correctly with the reasons of correction.

If there was no mistake and it was the fault of the authority, you can go for the ‘motion to reconsider’.