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Apply for Late Registration of Birth Certificate Online

Apply for Late Registration of Birth Certificate Online

Are you living abroad with the motto of resettling in India? It’s essential to register your ward’s birth here. Any non-resident having an Indian passport can do so. The couple can record their child’s birth wherever they are in a fix to settle again. The Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizens (Registration at Indian Consulates) Rules, 1956 have clear directions for them.

However, the Indian constitution instructs for registering the child’s birth within 21 days of the birth. But this guideline is blueprinted for the natives. The non-resident diaspora has 60 days to get it done. Anyhow, if one fails to get it done, his/her birth would be categorized as a late birth under the provision of 13(2) and (3) of the RBD Act (Registration of Birth and Death).

This blog is a guide to refer for registering their ward’s name without any friction. Follow the straight answer to the commonest queries that may intercept you.

Birth Registration at Indian Consulate from Abroad:

The government has provisioned to record the birth of an NRI or PIO child in Indian consulate in the foreign country.  They can get registered and download the respective form from its website to apply for the delayed birth registration online.

Obtain Birth Certificate from:

If the non-residents would like to settle first and then apply, they can obtain the same from the respective authority in these regions:

In Urban India: Urban regions have a separate entity to issue the birth certificate. These are:

  • Municipal Corporation (also known as MC)
  • Hospitals (The District Hospital, Referral Hospital or other Government Hospitals also have a right to issue it)

In Rural India: Only a few regions of the rural India have formal centers to register and issue the birth certificate. These are:

  • Panchayat
  • Hospitals/ Dispensaries
  • Schools
  • Police Department
  • Circle office

Register a birth with:  

As aforementioned, the certificate of the birth is issued by the separate authorities. This birth proof is globally acceptable provided it has the signature of the Registrar or Sub Registrar. Each state has different authorities. It segregation is as follows:

Indian States & UTs Birth Certificate-Issuing Authorities
Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Bihar Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Chhattisgarh CEO Janpad Panchayat
Goa Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Gujarat Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Himachal Pradesh Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Jharkhand Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Kerala Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Madhya Pradesh CEO Janpad Panchayat
Maharashtra Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Rajasthan Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Tripura Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Telangana Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Uttarakhand Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
West Bengal Sub Registrar
Daman  & Diu Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Dadar & Nagar Haveli Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Puducherry Panchayat Secretaries/Karmi/Gram Sewak/Gram Vikasadhikari
Assam Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Haryana Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Meghalaya Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Orissa Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Punjab Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Sikkim Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Manipur (Partly) Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Andaman & Nicobar Island Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Chandigarh UT Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Delhi Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Lakshadweep Medical Officer In-Charge or Equivalent
Karnataka Village Accountants/Village Administrative Officers
Tamil Nadu Village Accountants/Village Administrative Officers
Jammu & Kashmir SHO/Police Officials
Mizoram Primary Teacher/Head Teacher  Primary School
Nagaland Primary Teacher/Head Teacher  Primary School
Arunachal Pradesh Circle Officer/Village Level Worker


 How long does it take to process the birth registration application?

Usually, it takes around 15 days to a month to deliver it. If the NRI applies for it within 60 days of the birth, it would be varied as per country, for instance Indian embassy in San Francisco charges $25+$3.

In all, the processing time and fee structure to obtain it would depend on various consuls.

How to apply for late registration of birth certificate online?

If you’re willing to get it online, you need to go to the website of some reliable outsourcers, like Services2 NRI.  You need not hammer your head while searching the correct online address and puzzling process. They would get you out of the unwanted troubles. More or less, the process of outsourcing for the delayed birth certificate in India will be same, as

  1. Online Registration:   
  • Get yourself registered with the website.
  • Sign up with your name and valid details.
  • Set a password.
  • Authenticate your email address.
  1. Send Your Query:
  • Login again.
  • Send your query as “application for the delayed birth certificate”.
  • Or, you can communicate through the Live-Chat.

The non-residents with an Indian passport can apply with the valid details & proofs, as of name, address, and parents’ details along with the ward’s birth proof.  The registration application for the birth ought to be done within 60 days of the birth (as stated above). But if it is delayed, it can be issued with late fee.
If you too have any query, Services 2 NRI can help you with wise suggestions. 

Applying for Passport This Christmas? Birth Certificate Not Required

Applying for Passport This Christmas? Birth Certificate Not Required

The passport rule carved in 1980 states that the Indian born on or after 26/01/1989 had to have a birth certificate (BC) from the Municipal Corporation (MC).  This was the provision before July 2017. This rule of immigration was amended.

If you’re likely to apply for the Indian passport on this Christmas, you’d need a host of any of these documents:

  • Aadhaar Card or PAN card (if you’re born before 26/01.1989)
  • Transfer documents issued by school
  • School Leaving Certificate issued by school
  • Matriculation Certificate issued by the educational board

(These three documents contain the date of birth of the applicant. So, the passport authority accepts any of them as an alternative of the birth certificate)

  • LIC policy bonds
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card

Documents no longer required:

  • Divorce Decree (if you’re divorced)
  • Adoption Certificate (if you’re adopted)
  • Birth certificate (if you’re born before 1989)

Passport Authority Accepts BC Issued By MC:

It’s noteworthy that the passport authority requires birth proof. If you’re annexing the Municipal Corporation drawn birth proof, it would be acceptable. Otherwise, it rejects the same if issued from the hospital or any other authority.

If you’re an NRI (Non-resident of India), you would be equally eligible for getting Aadhaar Card as any other locale. As aforementioned, it would be acceptable. Therefore, you can take it as a good alternative document to apply for the passport from abroad.

If you’ve any suspicion over this amendment, go through the Aadhaar Act 2016. It goes that an NRI who lived here for the duration 182 days or a year immediately prior to the date of application, can apply for Aadhaar. Otherwise, they will not be eligible for this card. Then, such applicants have to apply for the birth certificate in India from MC.

The Aadhaar number is a unique identification code of 12-alphanumeric digits. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) holds end to end responsibility of issuing the unique identification number. The applicant can apply either online or offline.

He/she needs to follow these steps to get it:

  1. Click and visit this website:
  2. Fill the form online.
  3. Download and save.
  4. Take its print out.
  5. Check the nearest enrolment center.
  6. Fix the date of appointment for the in-person visit.
  7. Visit the center along with these documents:
  • Resident proof
  • Birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card Application form

You would be ready to scan your fingerprints and iris. The official at the UIDAI would ask for the biometric details. Once your application would be verified, the enrollment would be done. The official will deliver an acknowledgement slip. This slip would have scripted enrollment number. Subsequently, you can track its status online by inputting that enrollment number.

How Your Parents Can Register Birth for US Citizenship?

How Your Parents Can Register Birth for US Citizenship?

Several NRIs (non-residents of India) are willing to take their parents along with them in the residence country. But some documentation works cause disruption.

Let’s say, my mother doesn’t have a birth certificate. Her birth stayed unregistered erstwhile. Now, I want her to settle with me in the US. It can’t be possible until and unless she would have the birth certificate. Undoubtedly, this document completes the major requirements.

Therefore, I’ve researched and found some concrete solutions to get rid of this trouble. This blog will let you know how you can get non-availability of birth certificate (NABC).

Wondering why I am talking about NABC, but not about the birth certificate?

Actually, you can’t apply for birth certificate after one year of birth directly from the Municipal Corporation office. Despite being a competent authority, it can’t go against the standard rule of the government. But there is another way. You can apply for the NABC to register the unregistered birth in India.

What is the US Citizenship?

The process of acquiring the US citizenship by the expats as per the Congress in the Immigration & Nationality Act (INA) is called the US Citizenship. This process requires several formalities and conditions to fulfill. Once they are all done, the foreigner achieves the citizenship of the USA.

One of its major requirements for the documentation is the birth certificate. Therefore, the parents should apply for the unregistered birth certificate.

How can you get non-availability of birth certificate (NABC)?  

  1. Visit the site of the District Municipal Corporation (MC).
  2. Get registered with the site.
  3. Login to get an easy access of the birth certificate/affidavit.
  4. Download the form/affidavit.
  5. Fill all the requisite details, like father & mother’s name, date of birth, location, address, witnesses and so on.
  6. Enclose the following documents’ scanned copy:
  • School records, like School Certificate, Mark Sheet and so on.
  • State of Federal Census Record, like Ration Card with the scripted name of the children & spouse.
  • Church record (if the baptism is occurred in the church).
  • Adoption decree (if the person is adopted by someone).
  • Voter card
  • Driving Licence
  • PAN Card
  • Passport (Both surrendered & current, if any)
  • Affidavit of the two witnesses who can be any of the parents or relatives but would have been 10+ years of age when they witnessed the birth of the applicant.
  • The affidavit statement should have correctly filled all details.
  1. After enclosing the document, you need to pay the service charge online.
  2. Then, download the receipt for further reference.

Meanwhile, the verification will go on. And afterwards, the NABC will be initialized within a month. But for expats or NRIs, it can take 15 days at least.

Alternatively, you can directly visit the district MC office. File a plea for registering the unregistered birth. You can enclose all the above said documents with the application form. They would be considered as a secondary evidence of the birth.

Besides all these, you may need to enclose the photocopy of these:

  • Letter of the jail in-charge (if born in the jail)
  • Letter of the health officer (if vaccinated in the nearby dispensary & born at home)
  • Letter of the doctor (if born in the hospital)
  • Letter of the Sarpanch (if born in the village)
  • Letter of the vehicle In-charge (if born in the moving vehicle)
  • Letter of the head of the Dharamshala (if born there).

Once you accomplish all such form filling, appending the requisite documents, you can pay the service charge. The Registrar will call you for the verification. Visit with the original supporting documents. Get the birth proof. Subsequently, you can apply for the US citizenship certificate easily.

How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online In India?

How Can I Get My Birth Certificate Online In India?

Are you waiting for the help to get your birth certificate?

Is your passport or visa rejected due to no birth certificate?

Are you 1986 or 1989 born who don’t have birth proof?

Don’t you have the idea how to apply for birth certificate?

However, difficulty captures you later if your parents have not gotten it in 21 days of birth. You can’t get government facilities. Other government documents, like PAN Card & Aadhar Card, will not be issued in its absence. Neither will you be able to fly abroad. The passport and visa petition will be rejected. Banks will reject opening your account.

Then, what?

Let I tell what you can do.

Who does register birth in India?

  1. In Urban India: The Registration of Birth & Deaths Act, 1969 mandates birth registration. Municipal Corporations are the competent authority to look after it. The registrar or sub-registrar addresses this problem in every region.
  2. In Rural India: And wherever this government body does not exist, the para-medical staff does so. It happens mostly in the rural areas.

Now, the physical barrier is removed. The person can apply online. With the power of internet in handset, its seekers can visit the virtual Municipal Corporation office.

If you apply in-person, be ready to stand in queues for hours. And take a day’s off for transiting from one office to another one. This birth record stays available for 15 years there.  So, the person can withdraw it from there. But later, it would be a herculean task.

The digital space has abandoned such a tug-of-war like situations. Now, the online form for obtaining birth proof is available. What to fill where and how for it are answered below:

Which site to visit?

  1. Official website: This is the link of the official government website: for online certificate of birth in India.

But the new one will be puzzled to get there.

  1. Outsourcer’s website: If you don’t want to tussle with government formalities, outsourcers are there, let’s say, Services2NRI. Let I reveal the secret how can you get your birth proof while being at home.

You can visit its official virtual site:

Which form to fill?

1. Official form: It’s just a sample of the form that parents’ fill within 21 days of birth occurrence. The applicant’s parents fill it.


Like it, there is another form. That is for the relatives who witnessed the birth if there is none. You can seek their declaration stating the similar voice (as stated in the form).

2. Sign up the outsourcer’s website:

If you want to stay away from such hassles, it’s ok. You can go to outsourcers of NRI services. They render their valuable your hands.
For instance:

Just sign up by filling a simple form.

What information to fill?

  1. Official form’s requirement:

As you have seen, the declaration form to obtain birth certificate online in India will have these blanks:

  • Name
  • Parent’s address
  • Exact date of birth
  • Place of birth

Fill them with valid details appropriately.

  1. Outsourcer’s form requirement:

The outsourcers don’t provide such a blueprint of the form. But they require the similar information so that they can fill it on your behalf.

You can sign up providing these details. Then, login with password.

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Afterwards, send the query to the third party. It will revert back to you.

Which documents are to attest & attach?

  1. For official form’s attachment: The registrar or sub-registrar will issue it only when he’ll get the attested copy of the original proofs. However, the original copies should be enclosed for verification only.
  • Attested photocopies of address proof
  • Attested photocopies of parent’s proof
  • Attested photocopies of school certificate
  • Affidavit or self- made declaration of the parents
  1. For outsourcer’s attachment: The third party will provide it when you’ll send the scanned copy of these documents.
  • Address proof
  • Parents’ identity proof
  • School certificate proof

How much duration will it take to process?

More or less, both parties take at least one month to deliver it. Where they differ is the point of hassles. The latter (third party) works to cuts your burden. You need not go in-person. Neither do you have to stand in queues. The certificate comes into the inbox within 30 to 60 days.