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How NRIs Can Apply for Visa Extension in India?

How NRIs Can Apply for Visa Extension in India?

Any non-resident or foreigner can stay in India any time provided he/she should have visa.  It’s a licence for staying here legally. But its limit lasts for 180 days. If the person overstays, he/she shall be prosecuted.

So, what should be done at that time? Should he/she pay penalty or face prosecution? Or, should he/she apply for extending its limit?

Let’s catch insight of how one can apply for it. But first, let’s learn who can apply for it.

Who can apply for extending visa?

It’s obvious that the individual with visa qualifies for its extension. Therefore,

  • The person originated from India and was once the holder of Indian passport.
  • The person whose parents/ grandparents/ great grand-parents originated from India. They must have been the permanent citizen of India at any time.
  • The spouse of the foretold persons is also eligible for stretching visa’s span.
  • But there is an exception in such case. That individual must not be the native of Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka or any other prohibited country.

When NRI and foreigner should file application for visa extension?

As aforementioned, any visa-holder can accommodate Indian region for 180 days. It’s the maximum duration granted by the Indian government.

But that limit can be extended. Its formal request should be made to the competent authority before time. Following the mandatory guidelines, its time-period is revived of paper.

What if one does not file for it before due time?

The government has strictly announced if in any situation binds the visa-holder for longer duration (more than 180 days), he/she must drop prior information. Otherwise, legal action can be taken against him/her.

In case, the emigrant applies for extension, his/her visa date will be revised with penalty. For it, he/she must pay $30 currently. This amount is revised by the authority time to time.

Otherwise, the person will be treated as an offender since he/she did not inform the authority about lapsed period of visa. He/she would be jailed for 5 years under Foreigners Act 1946. Additionally, he/she would be fined and also, be thrown out of the country.

To escape such embarrassing situation and prosecution, the person must file for 60 days prior to its date of expiry.  So, the emigrant must remember the last date of his/her visa.

Where one can contact for it?

The extension of visa seekers must approach FRRO/FRO office and meet the registration officer for resolving this issue.

What documents one must have along for it?

The following documents must be along with the applicant for visa-extension:

  • Visa Extension application form (completely filled)
  • Medical visa/ student visa/ medical attendant visa/ employment visa/ business visa/ Entry (X) Visa/ Journalist visa/Research visa/ Conference visa/ Project visa/ Missionary visa
  • Photo
  • Passport
  • Resident proof
  • Medical certificate
  • Bonafide certificate (for students visa)
  • NOC (for students visa)
  • Contract papers (for employment visa)
  • Request letter (for employment visa)
  • Undertaking letter (for employment visa)

How NRIs Can Apply for PAN Card from Abroad?

How NRIs Can Apply for PAN Card from Abroad?

What is PAN card?

PAN card stands for Permanent Account Number. It is similar to Social Security Number in the United States and Social Insurance Number in Canada. Assuming it as a medium of tax filing is a common myth. But it actually works as an identification number of its holder.

Indian diaspora abroad can show it as an identity card. Subsequently, shopping, traveling and claiming for tax return will be a walkover for it in India.

Who can apply for PAN card?

NRI community has privilege to apply for it online. But its online mailing is permitted in countable countries. Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) acquire foreign citizenship. But they, too, have a right like Indian natives to get this card.

Which Form suits to NRIs, PIOs and OCIs for online application?

Income Tax department of India provides separate application forms for issuing PAN Card to NRIs, PIOs and OCIs. NRIs are categorized as Indian citizens while the rest two categories are of foreigners. The applicant should take his/her category into account before applying. Then, they can pick up one suitable form as mentioned below:

  • Form49A
  • Form49AA

*The first form is valid for NRIs and Indian citizens. Even though, this country’s natives settle abroad but they still hold citizenship of this country. This is why this is one of the best services for NRI that one can have online.

* The second form is drafted for foreigners. PIOs and OCIs acquire foreign citizenship. Thus, the second form belongs to them.

Which Documents should be provided along with PAN card application?

  • Address proof of overseas residence
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photograph
  • Processing fee (Application Fee 93 + Dispatch Charges 00 + 15% service tax)

* Credit Card/ Debit Card, Demand Draft and net banking are acceptable mode of fee payment. 2% additional surcharges are levied over online transactions.

How to apply for it online?

  • Open the site:
  • Scroll down and select individual option from the drop down button below Apply for a new PAN Card.
  • The application form will pop up.
  • Read the instructions carefully and then, fill the fields. The emigrants should provide overseas address that they have mentioned in their bank statement.
  • They must not fill Indian address.
  • When the form is filled, an acknowledgement will flash at the time of its submission.
  • Take its two prints out.
  • Paste applicant’s photograph and sign it with black pen.
  • Applicant should self-attest all the documents.
  • Scan and send to the NSDL, PAN unit in Mumbai.
  • Like e-commerce website, the applicant can track delivery status using his/her acknowledgement number,
  • If applicant wants to parcel it, he/she can send on Income Tax Pan Service Unit , National Securities Depository Limited, 3rd Floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Baner Telephone Exchange, Baner, Pune-411045.
  • Its processing will take 15 days at least to complete.

Skipping 10 Property Investment Tips Can Prove Dangerous To NRIs

Skipping 10 Property Investment Tips Can Prove Dangerous To NRIs

India’s improving economy, better infrastructure and enhancing lifestyle of the people have convinced the migrants to think about their resettlement in India seriously. Apart from the advantages of having native place, they will be reunited with their kith and kin. The career opportunities have rapidly expanded. These facts are enough to make them rethink for shifting back to India. Today, it is happening in real. This is why queries from NRIs for investment in property are souring online as well as offline. The depreciated value of INR against dollar has inflamed this desire in NRIs’ heart. They have started investing in highly affordable deal of property purchase.

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NRIs Property Management for Tenant’s Vacating Inspection

NRIs Property Management for Tenant’s Vacating Inspection

NRIs can get rid of hassles in claiming compensation amount for any wear and tear to their property management. Vacating inspection of NRI property can be pivotal for doing property management. First, there should be rental agreement between the NRI landlord and his tenant. It can make the eviction of tenant hassle free. The landlord should do this practice through jurisdiction. He should deliver a notice to his tenants two weeks prior to the maturity of his rental agreement. A reminder should also be sent 48 hours before the vacating inspection. Inform him that the renewal of the rental agreement will be ceased permanently. Ask him to clear his all dues and utility bills. Be sure that the tenant must be present when you are doing so. Note down all the wears and tears and ask him to pay if you are conscious to do property management for elongating its life. If he is unable to bear that expense, you can deduct that amount of damage through security deposit. You ought to return rest of the deposited amount to him later. You won’t be able to claim the damage amount afterwards.

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