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How Can NRI Provide Best Parents Care in India from Abroad?

How Can NRI Provide Best Parents Care in India from Abroad?

NRIs settle abroad by leaving their belongings here in India. Their biggest belonging is their parents. They sigh; they cry; they often chat and even, talk via video calling. But all these efforts are not enough to fill the chasm of their bereavement.

Parents grow old. On reaching such age, they seek the support of young shoulders. They want to rely upon their own grown up children. But the urgency of earning livelihood takes them away. Staying abroad doesn’t deprive them of sensibility & responsibilities towards their parents. And many of them tend to get worried about their old father & mother. This is where they need a help. They search for the person who can take intensive care of their parents.

There are many organisations, like APRIO-Association of Parents of Indians Resident Overseas & BAYADA. Such organisations bear the major responsibilities to provide NRI parents care in India. Thereby, the children can heave a sigh of relief a bit. But they should know how to choose the best care for them.

Let’s start with the basic requirements that are a key to select the best caring partner.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Health Care: Growing age invites many health issues. This is the biggest threat regarding the parents for the NRIs. Therefore, the selection procedure should be critical. Pick the one that is experienced in delivering:
  • Routine health checkup
  • Taking calls
  • Nursing at home
  • Help to disseminate information and many more embedded things.
  1. Financial Care: Money is a basic need to survive in the world. Therefore, they require it for making their living smoothly. Mostly, the pension is their source of earning at that age. But it may not be enough for them.
  2. Companionship: Isolation kills. At the age when the body gives up functioning properly, they need the partner to talk, to get amused and to gossip. Therefore, the selected organization should have proficiency in providing the best companion to the old people.  

How can NRI provide the best parents care in India from abroad?

It’s fine if the non-residents are unable to attend their parents’ need personally. There are many deemed and authorized entities that take care of their parents at a definitive service cost. Since they have the capacity to afford such entities, they can hire them. But meanwhile, they should probe if the hired organization provides holistic parents care or not.

Here are some points that they can bear in their mind while picking up the best one.

  • Attend if they provide monthly & quarterly health assessment.
  • Check if they avail free visit of a physician without any emergency to the parents at home.
  • Know do they provide routine/weekly health checkup by the nurse.
  • Find do they arrange an in-house nurse for meeting emergency requirements.
  • Determine if they have any provision for periodic amusements, like parties, and outings.
  • Identify do they look into arranging conduits for transferring funds via NRO, NRE or FCNR bank accounts of the children.
  • Know do they deal in dissemination of the information, like taking care of the national and international couriers, letters and emails.
  • Seek information over do they set up the inbound and outbound communication, including chat through mobile phone & internet.
  • Identify do they render health assessment report & the feedback of the aged parents to the NRI children.
  • Check if they pay utility bills, like electricity bill, water bill & telephone bill on the parent’s behalf.
  • Determine if they pay tax on the parent’s behalf.
  • Find out if they indulge in conducting banking transactions.
  • Determine if they can collect rental payment from the tenants.
  • Know if they safeguard them by deploying a security guard.
  • Check if they have any provision of the insurance of the old people.
  • Look into if they go for travel arrangements.

How can you select in-house nurse in India?

  • Hire the certified from the Nursing Association of India
  • She should have working experience as well as on-the-job-training experience of at least 3 years
  • In-house nursing experience would be a plus.
  • She should be affiliated & recognized by any deemed hospital or social welfare agency.
  • Access all previous working experience reports for verification via a reliable source.
  • The physician of the family should interact with her to know about her abilities and potentials. He must communicate the responsibilities to be undertaken.
  • Police verification must be undertaken before employing her.

How PMAY Can Help NRIs to Take Care of Parents In India?

How PMAY Can Help NRIs to Take Care of Parents In India?

Good news for NRIs who have left their parents in India ‘homeless’! The newly introduced scheme of “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)” emerges as a ray of hope to homeless elderly parents.

Many parents are left with pinching pennies in their old age. They turn blind eye to owning a house for themselves in their youth while dedicating all resources to their child’s education. As the time passes away, their efforts pay off. Their child gets employment in the multinational firm in the US, UK or any other foreign country. Consequently, he/she sets off to take charge of their professional responsibilities in abroad.

Meanwhile, he/she leaves their parents ‘homeless’ at the back. However, he/she wants to bear the responsibility of the parents. Distance and scarcity of funds shoot as a major boulder.

Now, NRIs don’t need to battle out with such critical situations.  The launch of PMAY has introduced healing scheme called PMAY. By enrolling to it, he/she can provide a nest to the homeless parents in India.

What is PMAY?

As aforementioned, it stands for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. It is commenced for providing shelter to all homeless people in India on easy terms and benefits. This scheme has an entry under the title ‘MIG’ which denotes Medium Income Group. It’s a category added to this scheme. It is further segregated into two sub-sets which are:

  • MIG I for those who have income between INR 6,00,000 and INR 12,00,000.
  • MIG II for those who have income between INR 12,00,001 and INR 18,00,000.

What’s the eligibility criterion for enrolling to PMAY?

Since it’s a housing scheme, the NRIs can take care of their parents in India by registering for the house. But before that, they must drill in their head the eligibility criterion, subsidy and home area. Catch on these points that display what this scheme requires for registration:


  • The couple would be treated as a ‘beneficiary family’ of this scheme. It comprises of a husband, wife, unmarried son(s)/ unmarried daughter(s). If the beneficiary family has another couple or earning person in the family, it would be treated as a separate beneficiary family. It also can apply for the house under this scheme separately provided that it also doesn’t have any pucca house.
  • It should not have any pucca house is their name.
  • They should not be getting central assistance under any housing scheme from the government of India.
  • The couple living in a rental house will be a separate household. Therefore, the parents of NRIs who accommodate rental house can apply for the same.

Subsidy: It’s a parliamentary grant to the sovereign of the state needs. It benefits the low income group by keeping the price of the housing or commodities as low as it can afford.

This housing scheme has also a provision of subsidy grant. The NRIs can apply loans for their parents at subsidized rate. But the rate is different for both segments. These are:

  • MIG I is eligible for 4% subsidy on a loan up to INR 9 lakh.
  • MIG II is eligible for 3% subsidy on a loan up to INR 12 lakh.

The categorization defines the limit to which extent the subsidies can be granted. If anyone wants to borrow more money as loan, he/she can grab it. But the subsidy will not applicable on the additional loan amount.

Suppose an expat wishes to buy a house worth INR 50 lakh for his parents. He has to pay 20% of the total cost as down payment. As 3 percent subsidy is applicable for the amount up to INR 12 lakh, the subsidy would be applicable on that amount only. The balance amount, i.e. worth INR 38 lakh, can be borrowed as loan but it would be available at subsidized rate.

Adjustment of subsidy: The interest subsidy amount will be the net present value (NVP) (the difference between the present value of cash inflows and cash outflows).  Under the scheme, 9 percent discount will be applicable on this value. Loan’s amortization schedule is a must since interest amount of the each EMI is to be considered.

Loan: It is not essential that only government bodies would be open for subscribing loan for PMAY. The expat can contact a developer or builder for buying a house from the secondary market. If he is willing to construct it, he can do so also by taking loan.

No home loan provider can reject application for loan under this scheme. Be it for the purpose of adding a room, kitchen or balcony to the existing house, he can apply for the loan.

Length & breadth of home:

Under these two categories, the land area is mentioned as:

  • For MIG I, 90 sq ft (968.752 sq ft) would be granted as carpet area. The carpet area means the length and breadth excluding walls that are covered by a laid carpet. It’s different from built area which includes the thickness of the inner walls.
  • For MIG II, 110 sq ft (1184.03 sq ft) would be availed.

How can NRIs provide home to their homeless parents under this scheme?

Since the wholesome amount of the home is difficult to arrange for the expats, they can contact lending institutions in India. The following list of banks would provide easy finance under nri services at no processing fee if the loan is taken at subsidy. The balanced loan amount would require nominal processing fee.

  • Scheduled commercial banks
  • Housing finance companies
  • Regional rural banks
  • State Cooperative banks
  • Urban Cooperative banks
  • Small Finance banks
  • Non-Banking Financial company

Medical Tourism at Boom in India!

Medical Tourism at Boom in India!

Bygone are the days when foreigners used to draw the image of Indians as tribal people. Acquiring much improved & progressive face, the land of snake-charmers is considered no less than the paradise to travel to. Walking hand-in-hand with the altering techniques & trends, India has begun to fetch the topnotch, especially in medical field. Indian doctors & health educators are famed as the men-of-brain. Bedecked with the most qualified and profession medical experts, this land of culture & heritage has entered a new trend calledMedical Tourism or Health Tourism.

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