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CENOMAR is no marriage certificate issued by the high authority or ministry in India. NRI Service providers such as S2NRI help to get this without paying hassle

How to Get Affidavit of Marital Status from India?

How to Get Affidavit of Marital Status from India?

Affidavit is a documented sworn of a person. For proving lawfulness, it is treated as a bona fide document of support. It can be of multiple types. Here is the list of the main affidavits that can be required at point of time in life:

  • Affidavit of Small Estate
  • Affidavit of Heir-ship
  • Affidavit of Residence
  • Affidavit of Changing Name
  • Affidavit of Support
  • Financial Affidavit
  • Affidavit for Single Status
  • Affidavit for Marital Status
  • Affidavit for Birth Certificate

This list does not end here. But this blog is dedicated to the affidavit that proves marital status particularly. So, my suggestions would be around ‘how to get this affidavit’.

What is an affidavit of marital status?

As I told, it’s an oath of being married in writing that is attested further by the court or magistrate. Many of us turn blind eye to its vitality, especially when it comes to immigration. Many aspirants fly to the US, UK, China, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, Kuwait and many more countries for giving shape to their career and education. The foreign ministry of those countries refuses to those who fail to provide affidavit of single status from India. Later, a few of them decide to solemnize wedding there with the foreigner.

The European countries, like USA, reject immigration of the dependent spouse from India. This is the very point of time when the want of getting affidavit of marital status from India rises.  There is another scenario when the non-resident is likely to attain green card or permanent citizenship of the foreign country. The absence of this affidavit can spill the beans over their dreams.

In the nutshell, it is essential to withdraw this legal document for proving the bona fide marriage.

How to get ‘affidavit of marital status’ from India?  

  • Who should apply?

This document is required post wedding to prove that you are married. Husband and wife can file a petition for obtaining it separately or jointly.

  • When do you apply?

The couple should bear in mind that its physical presence is a must before the magistrate or marriage registrar after marriage.

  • Where should you apply?

This document should be withdrawn from where the pair tied the knot. For example, if the pair got wedded in Mumbai, it has to apply for it in the regional court.

  • Which documents are required?

The bride and bridegroom should submit separate proofs of their own.

  1. Wedding invitation card.
  2. Certificate from the priest who performed the matrimonial rituals.
  3. Age proofs of the affiants that can be School Leaving Certificate, Birth Certificate, Domicile Certificate, adhaar card or PAN Card.
  4. Residential proofs that can be ration card, passport, voter id, rental agreement or any utility bill, like electricity bill, water bill etc..
  5. 3 witnesses’ proof that can be their ration card, voter id, adhaar card, driving licence or government identity card.
  6. Photographs of the marriage

If the wedding card in unavailable, the affidavit of marital status from India would be essential.

  • What’s the format of the affidavit?

The given format is an example of a spouse. It’s just for deriving idea of the content that should be put in the affidavit. Being accommodated with the content of the married, unmarried status and divorced, it demonstrates what multi-purposes it can serve.

  • Should it be attested?

Yes, it’s absolutely mandatory that the affidavit should be attested by the magistrate or sub-divisional court. Later, embassy would seek it. Or, the affiant should himself/herself take attestation services in to get it stamped from the consul. Further, this document can be submitted to the foreign immigration office to get the green card or immigration visa.

Single Status Affidavit is Must to Get US’ K1 Fiancee Visa

Single Status Affidavit is Must to Get US’ K1 Fiancee Visa

Immigration kicks off a lot of paper –work. Until and unless you don’t complete it, your travel to foreign remains unconfirmed. Be this trip motivated to tour, work or education, you have to meet several formalities with passport as well as visa authority.

Besides aforementioned reasons, matrimony can be another reason to land to the US or any other foreign country. Without prior knowledge, you can be trapped in legal problems there. Since the immigration rules have been made stricter than ever, it’s better to come across every formality that you would be met with.

Here, you can catch the roundup of K1 fiancee visa that is applied before landing to the US for marriage purpose.  The USCIS (US Citizen and Immigration Services) – the immigration authority of the US, scrutinizes the intentions of the foreigner before nodding. Then, that foreigner would be permitted to wedlock. Afterwards, the right to obtain green-card is all his/hers.

What is k1 Fiancee Visa?

As aforesaid, this visa is a non-immigration visa. It is specifically drawn to travel to the USA and get married with its citizen. The US citizen sponsors it. It’s mandatory that the wedding must be solemnized within 90 days of arrival to the same country.

Adjustment of Status (AOS) a must:

Once the expat enters on Fiancee visa, he/she has to file for Adjustment of Status (AOS). This formality is mandatory. Without it, the expat can’t acquire green card of the US which identifies the permanent resident status.

The visa holder must solemnize marriage within stipulated time of 90 days. If so does not happen, the USCIS can detain or initiate the process of deportation.  And if the wedding occurs within the said duration, the expat must file an application for Adjustment of Status that delivers a right of citizenship to him/her.

Which supporting documents are required to get k1 visa:

  1. Copy of approval of I-129
  2. Copy of spouse’ I-131 & I-765
  3. Copy of marriage certificate
  4. Single status affidavit
  5. Copy of foreign spouse’ birth proof
  6. 2-Passport sized photos with full name
  7. Copy of EAD cards
  8. Police verification form

The affidavit of single status out of all these supporting documents can be procured from the court or sub-divisional magistrate, if in India. Thereafter, it requires attestation from HRD of the MEA. It proves that the Indian expat is single by marital certificate. This eligibility is proved through the affidavit or the bachelorhood certificate India. In other countries, it may be known with different names, like certificate of no marriage.


  1. Form I-485

What: It’s an application to change the status of expat from foreigner to the citizen. It’s noteworthy that the expat is eligible to apply for Adjustment of Status (AOS) even if the Fiancee visa is expired, i.e. within the 90 days of arrival. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the person should be married with the US native.

Why essential: The expat becomes eligible to hold citizenship automatically post marriage. The status must be changed while being in the US. The applicant can submit the application in the US consular office. If he/she does not do so or the fiancée visa expires, his/her stay would be considered as unlawful. The USCIS can deport him/her.

  1. Form G-325A

What: It’s the form describing the biographic details of the expat. However, he/she would have already submitted such details while applying for fiancée visa. But it requires updates. Post marriage, the expat needs to upgrade & submit it.

Why essential: The USCIS requires updated status of every individual living in the US. This form modifies the status from emigrant to the US citizen.

  1. Form I-864

What: This form is the affidavit of support that states the assets, funds and income of the foreign spouse. It mentions the details of the recent tax returns and W2’s form along with other details.

Why essential: The US law has a norm to specify the financial particulars of the US spouse & the expat’s. This norm mandates disclosure of financial support that must exceed 125% or above the poverty guideline rate. If the income and assets don’t qualify the norm, a co-sponsor can contribute but to a definite limit. The co-sponsor can be more than one.

  1. Form I-693

What: It’s a medical examination & vaccination report. The expat has to undergo medical checkup while seeking Fiancee visa. It is obtained from the civil surgeon who is authorized by the USCIS to be submitted with AOS form.

Why essential: It determines that the expat is physically fit and healthy. His/her blood has no traces of communicable disease and he/she is vaccinated as per requirement of the law. If the certificate has been obtained earlier when applied for fiancée via, no medication test would be required. The certification will be mandatory.

  1. Form I-765

What: This form discloses the work permit which is also known as the Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  It is not mandatory. Any expat is not permitted to work until he/she has obtained EAD or legal permanent residency, whichever is obtained first.

Why essential: It is required to get approval to work in the US. Unlike AOS, this permit can be applied shortly after entering the territory of the US on K1 visa. For seeking it, the expat needs Social Security Number but needs not require the EAD.

  1. Form I-131

What: It’s a travel permit. You can call it the Advance Parole. It is not a mandatory document.

Why essential: It allows the expat to work (via I-765) and travel across the US.

How to Apostille NRIs Single Status Certificate in India?

How to Apostille NRIs Single Status Certificate in India?

People emigrate to live up their dreams. Lavished life and successful career tempt and prompt them to fly to abroad. Some intend to attain degree or diploma in specific field. At that time, they have to pass through ordeals of paper work and attestation. Every country has a set of norms for the citizens and foreigners. Apostille facility has eased the procedure of immigration. It removes all the glitches and provides effortless way to get stamps of the competent government or semi-government authorities.

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What is Unmarried Certificate & What’s The Procedure to Get It?

What is Unmarried Certificate & What’s The Procedure to Get It?

What is unmarried certificate?
Unmarried certificate has its meaning hidden in its name. It is an authentic legal evidence of an individual’s unmarried status. Be it an offer letter or registration for passport, one must mention one’s marital status.

Ticking on ‘single’ status declares that the person is single. Therefore, this certificate is also known as single status certificate/ bachelorhood certificate/CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage). 

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