How to Get PCC When Your Address/Name Does Not Match?

How to Get PCC When Your Address/Name Does Not Match?

Call it PCC or Police Clearance Certificate, prospective emigrants essentially require it. Lacking it may spill beans over the dreams to go abroad. Let’s understand when people need it.
When do you need Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?

Apart from maintaining laws and order, police hold legitimacy to vet and verify the documents. Immigration is a significant process. The emigrants get ready to settle abroad temporarily or permanently. Any kind of loopholes can put stigma and spoil the image of the country. So, the police verification is exponential in it.

An individual can’t attain NRI or PIO status without having a passport and visa. Both require apostille stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). They must submit validated and notarized personal as well as educational documents for attestation. Along with them, the PCC should also be enclosed.

The process to get this certificate is slightly different from the process of procuring passport. Before learning its how-to process, let’s catch the roundup of who issues it.

Who issues PCC?

Regional Passport Office forwards this authentic document to the MEA. The applicant must visit its regional office where he has been living since last six months. It keeps the record of his residency. The address proof is validated from the MEA office eventually.

What if the address/name of the applicant does not match or misspelt? The problem of getting address proof always puts barrier between the applicant and the passport or visa.

How to present address proof if the applicant is a tenant?

Dilemma engulfs a tenant when the question arises for solid address proof. In such case, the applicant can:

  • Visit the bank
  • Replace the former address with the current one.
  • Show the landlord’s address proof to the bank authority.
  • Afterwards, take out bank statement of last 12 months.
  • Get the stamp of the bank and the signature of the competent authority on it.
  • Attach it as an address proof and notarized rental agreement.
  • Marriage certificate, single status certificate and passport can be alternate docs for address proof.
  • It will be rejected if it would carry no stamp of the bank.
  • Take photocopy and original copy of all these documents.
  • A hand-written or typed letter is a must to apply for this certificate.

If the name is misspelt and hence, different from the original one the applicants can:

  • Take out an affidavit stating changed name.
  • Publish the changed name in the newspaper classified.
  • Show its printed copy plus original affidavit to the competent authority in its regional office.
  • Later, physical inquiry occurs. Under this police clearance, a vigilant inspector comes at the home.
  • Be ready with two witnesses in the neighbours. They must showcase their original ID or citizenship proof.

Thereafter, the verified police document will be sent to the applicant’s house. And thereby, passport and visa can be produced.