New Immigration Policies in US brings many benefits for NRIs

New Immigration Policies in US brings many benefits for NRIs

US President, Barack Obama recently took his executive action on the immigration policy. Nearly 11 million undocumented workers will benefit from the policy. It is in benefit for American workers also, this is because they are constantly competing with the undocumented immigrants in the same niche. Imagine an employer has two options: one is to hire the undocumented labor that will be willing to work at 6$ an hour or hire authorized worker at minimum wage of 7.25$ an hour. With undocumented workers coming out of the shadows and getting authorization, they can demand minimum wage of 7.25$ same as of American worker.

Obama’s immigration plan comprises of four parts:

-Strengthen the Border Security

-Search for employers that hire undocumented workers

-Reorganizing the Legal Immigration System

-Create paths to earn the citizenship of US

Immigration reform is also beneficial for many NRIs in the US; they currently have nearly 250,000 Indian working professionals. And they will also get benefits from this as well, like:

Spouses of H1B visa holder i.e. on H4 visas:

Those with the LPR (Lawful Permanent Resident) also known as “Green card holder” will get authorization to work.

Green Card help:

Many people will get benefit from this especially those with their application stuck in the process. Highly skilled professionals will be allowed to change jobs more freely once they acquire the Green Card.

Reduced time period:

The time period will be reduced for those in the queue for the green card. They will be allowed to leave US and visit their country of origin after applying for professional waiver.

OPT for students:

OPT stands for Optional Practical Training which will be given to foreign students studying in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at US universities.

L1 or Intra Company Visa:

Steps are being proposed to change the process of foreign workers and their employers while protecting American employees.