Investing Process that NRIs must understand

Investing Process that NRIs must understand

People have different perspective on investing money; where some prefer to live life in the fast lane–earn, spend, and repeat. And then there are others who understand the importance of multiplying their money. So, what to do? Well, you have both options. I personally believe in the power of investment. There’s a saying which goes something like ‘If your money isn’t appreciating, it’s depreciating’. There’s no point keeping the money in the locker room or bank account, you can put it out there where it grows.

Of course, there are many risks involved in the process, but you can learn it. Understanding finance and financial world isn’t difficult, but requires time and patience and you do it, on your own. And Indian government encourages NRIs and foreigners to invest India. It’s win-win situation for both.

Concept in India

Foreign investment is very important for any nation. It helps in strengthening economic conditions and it also helps in improving international relations as well. Letting in foreign investors has been very pivotal in transforming India and establish its economic power and influence in various sectors.

The government of India is now extending investment opportunities to Overseas Corporate Bodies, Persons of Indian Origins as well as the Non Resident Indians. They are allowed to open a bank account in India from the remittances that they get abroad. There are also some banks that allow NRIs and PIOs to undertake direct investments to some Indian companies. They can the so by using several methods likes portfolio investment schemes. There are a lot more NRI Investment options that you can choose. Let us understand what they are and how they work.

Automatic route with some benefits of repatriation

The NRI Investment can be done by investing on shares of Indian companies using an Automatic route and that means it does not require RBI or government permission. The exception is on a number of sectors where certain permissions are required. In some cases, the investment can only be made up to a certain percentage of the capital.

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    I think we should update with property laws if we invest in property.

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