Health Service that NRIs can avail

Health Service that NRIs can avail

Many Indians migrate to different countries in search of better education, higher paying jobs, or different lifestyle. There can be many reasons for migration and even then the major cause of concern for NRIs that always remain is the welfare of the family they leave behind.

For those NRIs, taking care of their parents becomes a source of concern as travelling back and forth isn’t an option and with modern professional work and lifestyle doesn’t allow easy get away.

Who doesn’t want to spend time with their loved ones and elderly, but one rarely gets time.

Rajnish Gupta, Software Engineer working in Chicago explained it very well. “I moved to USA 4 years ago to first complete my post-graduation and I started working after that. My father is also working and my mother is a housewife who takes care of the home. They came here for holidays last summers, but they didn’t like the idea of living here. New life, new people, and language barrier, all these factors accounted for them to not like it here. And I didn’t complain. My father is set to retire 2 years from now and the primary concern for me always is their well-being. Who is going to take care of them?”

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Many NRIs I believe must have faced the same problem as well. There are many companies and hospitals that provide services for NRI and medical services for their family. Some of the services they provide are:

Home Health Visit:

A professional and fully qualified nurse will visit the premises and take care of the assessment and provides the feedback to the doctor. The health check-ups can be arranged daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or yearly and a report is sent back to the NRIs.

Medical Consultation:

In many circumstances, an elderly patient isn’t in the condition to drive to the doctor for consultation. A telephonic consultation as well as home health visit can be done for such patients.

Medicine Delivery:

Providing prescribed medicines at the footsteps.

Laboratory Service:

It is designed to provide home comfort for elderly parents, grandparents, relatives, etc. A laboratory representative will do the required assessment.

  • Anya Beers

    I’m currently using this service for my family, they provide timely service.