NRIs Birth Certificate with Name Can Be Obtained

NRIs Birth Certificate with Name Can Be Obtained

Non Residents of India (NRIs) and those who are planning to take flight to foreign countries have to have their passports in their wallet. In it, the identity and age proofs are to be produced for getting it. And, Birth Certificate can provide one’s authentic age but only if it contains the applicant’s name.

Union Government’s Order for Fresh Birth Certificate

Taking a significant decision under the NRI services, the Union Government has ordered to issue fresh birth certificate to its seekers. Many applicants found themselves unable to get their passport ready as they have birth certificate without their name which is useless.

Christening ceremony takes months’ long time and the child remains nameless as per customs of some traditions in India. It creates legal barriers in the issuance of passport for migrants and would be NRIs.

What the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 States?

Erstwhile, the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 stated that children with no mention of name on the birth certificate can approach for new birth certificate that will be issued with scripted name but only if he/she is under 15 years of age. This NRI document procurement will be possible when the Municipal Corporation Office or local administration body will issue it.

Why Birth Certificate Seekers face Rejection? 

If migrants want to get it, they had to produce Birth Certificate at Passport Seva Kendra. But here also is one condition applied that the applicant should be born after 1989.And those who did not be able to produce it, they faced rejection. This made the NRIs and applicants, who want to have it urgently, outrageous. They had to undergo unnecessary delays in getting their passport ready. Thus, the angry applicants filed several complaints.

The government intervened by relaxing the norms and ordered for its issuance to the applicants as legal services for NRIs and others after completing verification of the presented documents.

New Norms and Government’s Order

The state government has also mentioned in its order that the fresh birth certificate is to be provided if the surname of the son and father does not match. The documents required for the verification can be PAN card, children’s school leaving certificate or bank statement.

The strife of NRIs paid off as those applicants who took birth before 1st January 1989 can also seek the same with name on it by producing their older birth certificate that has no name. This amended norm and orders were circulated to various health departments.  The regime of issuing fresh birth certificate will continue till 14th May 2020. This has stimulated a steady rise in the applications for passports.