Guide to Ensure Protection of NRIs Property

Guide to Ensure Protection of NRIs Property

NRI property management becomes tougher to handle. Living overseas or offshores creates multitudes of seams in maintaining and managing NRIs property in India. Hassles will make their presence felt every now and then but few protective measures can halt them. Property’s protective measures are categorized into two, i.e. land-specific and tenant-specific. Fencing, gate, hanging a board, giving PoA to the reliable kin, renting it. Google Maps and installing cameras are the best protective measures specifically for land. Latter measures of property’s protection are tenant-specific. The NRI should appoint an advocate to look into the matter of bills, drafting rent/lease agreement and their renewal. The owner should go for police verification of the tenants and their registration. Maintaining records of bills and rent/lease renewal on computer can be beneficial and helpful in litigations. He should be alert if his parents or old relatives are playing the role of his property’s caretaker.

NRIs Property Protection

  • sweta kapoor

    I have been living in USA for last 2 years and your tips help me to protect my property .

  • Kriti

    I spend most of the year in the UK as I am an IT professional there. I am also worried about how to protect my house from encroachers in Delhi. I have kept tenant there as you have suggested above.