Success Story of an NRI Student in India

Success Story of an NRI Student in India

‘Education is the most powerful tool which you can use to change the world,’ said Nelson Mandela. And this is a fact. Emphasis on improved educational facilities is therefore gaining priority. Efforts are being made in majority of the countries to uplift their education sector and also get in synch with the level of education in the world. The method of imparting knowledge has been evolved to an extensive range. Now students are more than willing to study anywhere in the world to ensure they get trained in the best institute offering their subjects of interest. Understanding importance and the logic behind the highly competitive structure in the Indian education system, there has been an increase in the number of students who are now coming to India for higher education. The institute in India that witnesses a high number of NRI`s coming to study is the most renowned and a very prestigious institute worldwide, the Indian Institute of Technology.

Opportunities are at par for all the students at IIT, you might be from the best of the cities or the child of a struggling farmer. It is up to you, with your efforts to climb the ladder up. Here is a success story of an NRI IITian who is sure to inspire you deeply. Among the very proud parents of the passed out students from IIT in 2010 were the parents of Rajnish Gupta.NRI Success

Rajnish is the eldest son of a poor truck driver from one of the small towns in Kuwait. He is the eldest among the 4 other siblings. His father suffered a partial paralysis and hence could not work anymore. All the responsibility was then shouldered by the mother who was not that capable of paying off all the bills. At this point of time he realized his role and with a part time job he started preparing for IITJEE and all other major entrance exams, considering his interest in technical data. He worked and studied almost 20 hours a day and slept for just a few hours. His hard work had to surely pay off while he got shortlisted for this premiere institute. With a student loan he somehow managed to fund his education in India. He was an out-performer since day one. He had a few weak subjects but with correct guidance and dedication he cleared them too.

Then it was the time for the hard work to show results, it was the time of campus placements. And his hard work and dedication paid off, he was the student with the best package and the best company for 2010 at IIT-Bangalore! In time he was able to pay off the study loan and then execute his responsibilities towards his parents and sibling well.

This story is the one which will surely not be on the cover page of any student magazine or will not be able to grab the limelight it deserves. But for sure this is going to make you pull your socks up. It is primarily about understanding the importance of doing something great for your career. And there are numerous similar stories from all over the globe.

  • Arjun Malhotra

    Really very nice and helpful article.

  • Deepika Sharma

    Touching and inspiring story.

  • Lisa Glenn

    trying to get admission into IIT too and this story was quite inspiring to be honest…I
    wish to study in my motherland and stay there for a while since I’ve never been
    to India before…