How to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Mumbai, India

How to Apply for Marriage Certificate in Mumbai, India

Life takes a giant leap since the big day arrives. It’s the wedding bells that ring the transformation in the life of the spouses. Most of the couples forget to register it. It’s the biggest flaw that can prove the biggest mistake ever.

Before understanding how, we must have knowledge under which acts the wedding is registered. Since India is a secular country, it has constituted two acts for this purpose. These are the Hindu Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act 1954. The apex court, i.e. Supreme Court, has implemented these acts as mandatory to follow in 2006. This order was executed for protecting women.

The Hindu Marriage Act 1955:  

Hindu citizens are free to solemnize marriage willingly with traditional customs and related tantrums. Nonetheless, the Indian constitution has formulated an act called the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 to get it legalized. It becomes a licit proof to claim authentic relation of a married couple.

The Special Marriage Act 1954:   

This act was drafted with a special motto. India is a land of diversity where communities of different religion live together. However, different communities prefer to solemnize wedding in their own community but it’s not mandatory. Any person can arrange inter-religious marriage, if willing. Although some communities, like Jat, forbade it yet the Supreme Court has approved this matrimonial arrangement under this act.

What documents are required to apply for marriage certificate post wedding?

  • Application form
  • Date of birth proofs of husband and wife
  • Address proof of both
  • 4 passport size photographs
  • 1 marriage photograph
  • Affidavit
  • Aadhaar card
  • Marriage invitation card

How to apply for marriage certificate in Mumbai, India online?

  • The spouses must visit the office of Assistant-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) during working days.
  • Fill the marriage certificate application form. It must be attested by both, husband and wife.
  • Enclose the mandatory documents along with application & submit.
  • The recipient officer will verify them on the same day while an interview with the SDM is fixed for some another day.
  • Both spouses along with Gazetted Officer must be present on the day of interview with the ADM together. After their one-o-one, the competent authority issues it on the same day.

How to apply this certificate online through S2NRI?

  • Visit the
  • Create login supplying password. If the applicant is not registered, get it registered. Thereafter, he/she can login easily.
  • Scan and send the authority letter along with the foretold documents to S2NRI. Since marriage certificate can’t be issued in case of absentia, therefore, this authority letter is a must.
  • Meanwhile, the backend team of S2NRI will be in touch with you while supplying every update through email.
  • Get mail for registration, receipt of the document and delivery messages on your registered email Id.
  • Within 2 to 4 weeks, it will send a soft copy of your original marriage certificate after payment.

Like Tatkaal Passport Seva for getting passport, the applicants willing to get marriage certificate on urgent note can procure it. The Revenue Department of Delhi government has introduced this hasty service in April 2014 provided that the applicant must pay INR 10,000 during registration. For it, the online registration process should be conducted.  Subsequently, this certificate is delivered within 24 hours.

Interview with ADM:

In first case (i.e. Hindu Marriage Act), the applicants must register online within 15 days of marriage. It is mandatory to do so. But if it’s the case of the Special Marriage Act, the duration is elongated. The couple can register to get the valid proof of marriage within 60 days.

How many witnesses required?

The couple must accompany the eye-witness of its big-day. It is a must for the witness to take along his/her PAN Card and address proof as valid proof of his/her identity.