Applying for Passport This Christmas? Birth Certificate Not Required

Applying for Passport This Christmas? Birth Certificate Not Required

The passport rule carved in 1980 states that the Indian born on or after 26/01/1989 had to have a birth certificate (BC) from the Municipal Corporation (MC).  This was the provision before July 2017. This rule of immigration was amended.

If you’re likely to apply for the Indian passport on this Christmas, you’d need a host of any of these documents:

  • Aadhaar Card or PAN card (if you’re born before 26/01.1989)
  • Transfer documents issued by school
  • School Leaving Certificate issued by school
  • Matriculation Certificate issued by the educational board

(These three documents contain the date of birth of the applicant. So, the passport authority accepts any of them as an alternative of the birth certificate)

  • LIC policy bonds
  • Driving Licence
  • Voter ID Card

Documents no longer required:

  • Divorce Decree (if you’re divorced)
  • Adoption Certificate (if you’re adopted)
  • Birth certificate (if you’re born before 1989)

Passport Authority Accepts BC Issued By MC:

It’s noteworthy that the passport authority requires birth proof. If you’re annexing the Municipal Corporation drawn birth proof, it would be acceptable. Otherwise, it rejects the same if issued from the hospital or any other authority.

If you’re an NRI (Non-resident of India), you would be equally eligible for getting Aadhaar Card as any other locale. As aforementioned, it would be acceptable. Therefore, you can take it as a good alternative document to apply for the passport from abroad.

If you’ve any suspicion over this amendment, go through the Aadhaar Act 2016. It goes that an NRI who lived here for the duration 182 days or a year immediately prior to the date of application, can apply for Aadhaar. Otherwise, they will not be eligible for this card. Then, such applicants have to apply for the birth certificate in India from MC.

The Aadhaar number is a unique identification code of 12-alphanumeric digits. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) holds end to end responsibility of issuing the unique identification number. The applicant can apply either online or offline.

He/she needs to follow these steps to get it:

  1. Click and visit this website:
  2. Fill the form online.
  3. Download and save.
  4. Take its print out.
  5. Check the nearest enrolment center.
  6. Fix the date of appointment for the in-person visit.
  7. Visit the center along with these documents:
  • Resident proof
  • Birth certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card Application form

You would be ready to scan your fingerprints and iris. The official at the UIDAI would ask for the biometric details. Once your application would be verified, the enrollment would be done. The official will deliver an acknowledgement slip. This slip would have scripted enrollment number. Subsequently, you can track its status online by inputting that enrollment number.