How to get Single Status Certificate in India

How to get Single Status Certificate in India

Single status certificate is the proof of a person’s bachelorhood that its holder is single and is free to get married. The reason why it’s necessary in some countries is because cases and complaints were coming against people for having more than one spouse in different countries. This is why many Asia-Pacific countries like China, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and also most of the European countries have made it mandatory to show the certificate of bachelorhood.

single status certificate

Why you need CENOMAR?
If your journey to aforementioned Asian nations is on card and your ticket is booked, then first check out your single status certificate, in case you are a bachelor or spinster. FOR WHAT you need it while leaving for the foreign country?

  1. Fear of Detention: Future is uncertain and hassles wait for none. You may be detained over wrong allegations on alien land. At that mean time, this certificate will rescue you from getting handcuffed by foreign sheriff.  It will authenticate your actual status of bachelorhood certificate. So apparently, it will help you to gain green signal over clearance from foreign police.
  2. For Issuing Passport: When you plan to say ‘goodbye’ to that nation for landing on another country, you may be asked for this certificate again for passport. Therefore, get it in your wallet before the problems knock at your door and cause delay to your upcoming dreams.

Is it easy to get?
Yes, you can have it in India conveniently by two ways. Let I acknowledge you how easy it is to get.

In person: The certificate in India is issued by the first class magistrate and Ministry of External Affairs, India. To obtain the certificate, you have to go to the nearest magistrate’s office and fall in the line to be able to get one. Be prepared as it can eat-up your time & money too. So, hit the ministry office in person when you have a lot of leisure time.
Through online: Those, working and living abroad or settled outside their city and cannot make it to their home city, online services for NRI are a great option to get the bachelorhood certificate. Not only does it save time and unnecessary hassle of running about government offices, but also money that you might spend on the travels. What all you need for taking advantages of S2NRI:

  1. Click and open the S2NRI’s web portal.
  2. Fill the requisite details of yours.
  3. Send it through your personal email. This process will consume relatively less time than that of getting it in person. And, hurdles will never take their advances to you.
  4. You will get revert in the least of an hour.

CENOMAR certificate includes:

  • Complete name of the person
  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number of copies needed
  • Purpose of the certification

As this certificate signifies single status, thus, the applicant can be divorcee or widow/widower. In such case, the following documents are needed for obtaining Single Status Certificate:

  • An affidavit from Indian national parents. It should have clear statement that the applicant or Indian national is not committed to anyone in India. It also showcases the number of the children, in case the spouse is divorcee or widow/widower.
  • The foregone affidavit is stamped by SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) or Executive Magistrate or District Magistrate (DM) or court authority in India.
  • The attested affidavit will be forwarded to the home department of the state government for further attestation.
  • The final step is to get the stamp from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Patiala House, Tilak Marg in New Delhi.

After the aforementioned procedure, the applicant must visit Indian embassy to go through the interview round with the consul. The one-o-one session is carried on during working days.

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  • Lovely Sharma

    With the help of this post NRIs can apply easily for single status.

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  • Alia verma

    I have been shifted to Philippines. I decided to marry and settle there. But having no single status certificate caused delay in my big day. I am indebted to you S2NRI for parceling it to me. The information on your blog informed me A to Z about it. A big thanks to You!

    • Ashish Kumar Singhal

      Hi Alia… When u said Philippines… It caught my attention. How long did the procedure take? I am also moving there soon and would like to carry this certificate along. What is the validity of this certificate? And how much did u pay.. If you dont mind sharing.

      • Basil george

        hi can u tell me What is the validity of this certificate?

    • Basil george

      hi can u tell me What is the validity of this certificate

      • Ajay

        Thanks for the info. I am going to marry my filipino GF in philipines in this coming JAnuary. I am trying to get this certificate through the process mentioned on the MInistry of External Affairs Web site. but when i visit SDM ofice very few people know about this and i m geting diferent info from different persons overthere. IF i applymy Bacholarhood Certificate through S2NRI services, is it genuine…? and acceptable in Indian Embassy in phillipine. I will appriciate any help. Looking forward . you can write me on thanks much

  • Juhi Gupta

    As I live in USA, it was impossible for me to get my parents’ Birth Certificate issued from their birth place Delhi. I want them to live with me but was incapable of doing anything. I am very thankful to S2NRI that it released my burden and brought not only their birth certificate but also, Cenomar certificate of mine.