How NRI Can Do Verification Of Tenants?

How NRI Can Do Verification Of Tenants?

The only thing that keeps the mind of non-residents free from the tension of tenants is awareness. Tenants can cause headache if they don’t pay the requisite amount of the rent on the due date and keep on accumulating it as outstanding dues. Similar is the story of the utility bills, maintenance charges and repair expenses. They take advantage of NRIs who have to spend most of the time outside the country. But a bit of awareness and efforts can prevent them from litigations and unwanted tiffs or disputes with the tenants. Wise heads always favour for police verification to know about their authenticity. Rental income is surely a hidden desire that tempts migrants to lend their NRI property on rent. Doing so can be a profitable deal if an extra care and police verification are done. This verification is conducted by the police that spares no issue of suspicion or any loophole in hiring them.

‘Little knowledge is dangerous’ thus, let I explain how this verification can play wonderful role in accommodating tenants without hassles.

  1. Background check: It is must to peep into the past of the tenant. Checkout his history which will open his bio-data and historical records if he used to pay the rent regularly or not. You will be able to come across his previous police record, if any.
  2. Credit check: Credit check is mandatory to be conducted as you might be referred to as his referee if he takes credit in future. You must get it checked through any agency or by self so that you can get rid of any uncertain slap of monitory claim by an unknown party. Otherwise, your expenditure in NRI property management can go into vain as you may have to clear his dues.
  3. Police Verification: Screening of tenant will be valuable and beneficial if you have done police verification of the tenant before accommodating him/her. It is mandatory to be done for getting access to his criminal record, if any. Police inquiry opens up all about his background and criminal record to let you make you aware. You need to go to the nearby police station and fill the inquiry form or download this form online and get it filled.
  4. Previous landlord: Ask your tenant to disclose the address of his previous landlord. Meet him personally to know if the tenant has any outstanding bill or due rental amount. If he has done any damage to his property or not can also be disclosed.

  • David Johnson

    My brother is shifted to the US. Now, keeping tenants is the only choice he has to protect his house from mafia or encroachers. I have recommended this information to him for attending before accommodating them. Great information!