Invest like Warren Buffet for NRIs

Invest like Warren Buffet for NRIs

Not merely investments, even in life in general; if you want to be successful, find a mentor and remodel their rituals, ethics, and strategies. Do things like they do and keep evolving over a period of time, and you’re guaranteed to get success.

Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathway is the third richest man in the world is the biggest name when it comes to investment and his strategies are implemented throughout the world.

The three simple tips can be followed throughout the world but it is mainly for NRIs who are targeting Indian market. Although there are numerous NRI investment service companies available in India to help NRIs figure out how to invest their money but also on how save it effectively, or even buy a business.

So, here are some tips on investment.

1. Understand the Business

You must and absolutely love the business you’re planning to invest in, it’s only then you’ll acquire the depth knowledge of their working, operations, management, and everything. And it should be fairly simple to understand, else don’t get into it. Many companies look far better on paper than they actually are.

2. Look for Consistency

Check if the company has performed well consistently or with many ups and down. Check for the return on equity (ROE), it reveals the investor’s return.
ROE= Net Income / Shareholder’s Equity

3. Invest in Value rather than product

Estimate a company’s intrinsic value, or the core asset of the company. Like what would you buy if you’d purchase the company: real estate, mobile phones, laptop, etc.? Once you understand that, you can predict the company’s future earning based on multiple factors

Just remember, you can invest like Warren Buffet too, if you follow simple rituals and understand how market works. Although there are investment companies and consultant who can guide you, but additional knowledge will only help you make accurate decisions.