NRI Property Management are far Better Than Caretakers

NRI Property Management are far Better Than Caretakers

Being an NRI it becomes really difficult to keep an eye on the property that you inherited or purchased for the purpose of investment. Mr. Rajnish Chadha recently went through the same turmoil. He inherited a property from his parents in Mumbai and went for the paperwork, which itself is quite a hectic task and after going through all the paperwork with help of a middleman, he flied back to Christchurch.

Flying back and forth not only suffers his work but also his health since he’s a heart patient and keeping an eye on his store in New Zealand, health, paperwork in all property matters can all be challenging at the age of 55. And the time he was there, he kept many middlemen on the lookout for a tenant. Till the time being, he hired a caretaker for the property to keep it well-maintained.

After a couple of months he called his caretaker, who didn’t pick the phone. So, he called the neighbors to enquire about his home, and he found out nearly shocked him. There was already tenant living in his home and nobody really told him. He was duped by his caretaker and middleman. He had to visit again to get the place vacated which was no easy task.

After the incident he decided to sell the place. He sought reliable NRI property management services. Thereafter, he developed a trust with the service agent immediately. And they rest assured him that nothing like this is going to happen, we agreed on signing a rental agreement after we confirm the tenants. They already had a list of tenants which made life easier, especially with the knowledge that only that they would look after the property but also help collect rent timely.

—Special thanks to Rajnish Chadha for sharing our story with us.