Medical Tourism at Boom in India!

Medical Tourism at Boom in India!

Bygone are the days when foreigners used to draw the image of Indians as tribal people. Acquiring much improved & progressive face, the land of snake-charmers is considered no less than the paradise to travel to. Walking hand-in-hand with the altering techniques & trends, India has begun to fetch the topnotch, especially in medical field. Indian doctors & health educators are famed as the men-of-brain. Bedecked with the most qualified and profession medical experts, this land of culture & heritage has entered a new trend calledMedical Tourism or Health Tourism.

With magnetic figure of $ 4 billion earning, India will be a hub of this tourism by 2015. The eyeballs of many from the gulf countries, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Canada and neighbouring Nepal are glued to this country for seeking medical aid along with touring its diverse places.

India as hub of Medical Tourism

The picturesque landscapes, scintillating castles and mesmerizing beauty of rainbow culture woo foreigners to tour here for at least once. What if the world class medical facilities and techniques add-on to this land’s beauty? To know the facilities, catch the glimpses of inevitable features of Medical tourism below:

  1. Cost effective health care
  2. Easy to access
  3. Quality treatment
  4. World class ‘state-of-art’ health care centers & hospitals   
  5. Internationally accredited facilities & equipment for treatment
  6. Stalwart doctors
  7. Health Insurance
  8. Hassle free flawless treatment
  9. Visa-on-arrival for 30 days for medical treatment

What a rocking experience it would if this exciting medical tourism brings some fascinating NRI services in India too! For instance, no visa restrictions, airport pick-up/ drop off, vehicle rental, hotel accommodation & travel plans along with tours. What more you would desire to undergo medical treatment if such an astonishing menu card of exclusive services for touring across India is availed to you! Its temptation is irresistible too as reliable doctors of India have assurance of permanent cure & the sensation of its striking touring spots does not let the visitors go without undergoing thrill & its hex.

  • Bryan Harris

    I live in the US. I wanted my teeth rebounded as they were not in symmetry. I got symmetry of my teeth done when I was on my India tour. It’s truly magical makeover for my personality. Thanks to S2NRI and the Indian dental surgeons. It’s beyond my imagination that you guys did. Simply outstanding!