Retirement Planning for NRIs

Retirement Planning for NRIs

With the development in most Gulf countries and superpower like the United States in transition, mid 80’s saw a large number of Indians immigrating out of their regular jobs and moving to the other countries. This in some cases did open the gaps for unemployed people to secure jobs abroad. In doing so they also began the process of planning for the future.

This turn in job employment across the world especially in the gulf countries, brought the Indian government, banking sectors and many other financial organizations to spring up with many schemes of savings and future planning. Of them all the retirement planning sector gained momentum with all financial organizations, bringing about the special Retirement Planning for Non-residential Indians or NRI’s.

In this Investment planning for NRIs, many offers and schemes are being offered by entrepreneurs. Business persons provide many counsellings and saving advice to the NRIs through direct ventures and also through the ads media and internet. Several of the NRI‘s had taken the initiative and had invested in a lot of retirement planning. This Planning also helped in the nation’s reserves of foreign investment rise.

In Retirement Planning for NRI’s, I would say, it is a very essential investment or saving scheme that every NRI would need to look into immediately on being employed outside their countries. Unlike the western republics that usually allow citizenship on special grounds, the Gulf countries, would never be provided the privilege of citizenship of the respective country of employment. Hence, a well planned retirement saving scheme or investment is almost essential.


The Company’s and Government provide many options like:

  • Investment in stocks
  • Provident funds and schemes that provided a monthly source of income for after retirement life
  • The Government also has come out with many saving schemes like the post office monthly income schemes and the national saving bonds.
  • Public financial organizations are also providing many beneficial schemes that give any NRI the opportunity to make their choices of investment.

So, when planning your own retirement plan always looks into few aspects like what should be your amount of investment, what should be your chosen scheme with returns as per your requirement and also when exactly you would need to start your very own retirement planning? Plan early and retire peacefully.