Wealth Management Tips for NRIs

Wealth Management Tips for NRIs

With Mumbai as its trade capital, India is the world’s tenth largest economy which attracts investors from all over the globe but mostly NRIs (Non-Residential Indians). Along with finding investment opportunities in India, NRIs seek wealth advisory opportunities for them to utilize their existing wealth.


Equity Strategies:

It enables a client to have an exposure in the equity market which diversifies their portfolio. It involves buying long equities which are expected to grow in future and selling short equities which are expected to decrease in value.

Fixed Income Strategies:

Having investment plans that are tax efficient and creates a fixed income from an array of portfolios is an essential part of the future long term investment.

Structured Products:

This enables a client to take advantage of the customized investment products along with the equity investment.

Employee Stock Options:

Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) provides a quantified basis for marketing decisions and helps in evaluating rate of returns.

Creating a Financial Plan or Investment Policy:

Understanding a client’s need and helping them according to their needs and identifying the assets or planning for future generations.

Adopting a Strategic Asset Allocation:

Managing wealth involves a lot more than just investing. Strategic and tactical asset allocation is based on modern portfolio theory, which emphasizes diversification in order to reduce risk and improve portfolio returns.

NRi wealth management

Investment Process

Implementing Investment Recommendations:

It’s important to diversify your investment. Putting all the eggs in one basket may not be such a good decision, putting them in too many baskets can also hamper the return. Find the right balance.

Measuring Performance Periodically and Re-Balancing as Necessary:

Monitoring the performance regularly is even more important than investing itself. Monitoring stocks and evaluating the performance helps in predicting the future prospect.

Wealth Protection

Expert investors need multiple investment strategies and access to different mode to save wealth. There are multiple strategies that work well:

Hedging Strategies:

Portfolio managers, individual investors and corporations use hedging techniques to reduce their exposure to various risks.

Retirement Planning: Planning to retire in India? We help clients in their investment strategies by keeping the future in mind. Fixed income, estate planning and transfer of wealth all need to be taken care of before you plan your retirement.

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    Informative, personally for me Equity investment works the best.