Electronic Tourist Visa (ETV) To Be Inexpensive

Electronic Tourist Visa (ETV) To Be Inexpensive

Getting an ‘Electronic Tourist Visa’ (ETV) is quite expensive in India. Although hassles are least through online yet one has to pay good amount for that. Anyhow, it is vital for immigration process. Almost 900 percent hike is a record that has jumped up the arrival of travelers.

Earlier, one had to wait in long queue outside the embassy offices for getting it. An individual had to hit one ministry office to another. This practice exhausted many of its seekers. But the introduction of ETV has gifted convenience to all its seekers.

Current Status of ETV

As foretold, ETV requires good amount to get it. Today, its fee is USD 60 for its any seeker. This facility is open for 113 countries. Now, anyone can visit India for recreation, sight-seeing, casual leave, medical treatment or business purpose after having it.

If its fee is compared with few other countries, it really appears a huge amount. Many countries keep its fee restricted to USD 20, USD 35 or USD 40. There are few countries that don’t ask for any fee for providing it. Therefore, many countries have officially requested India to reciprocate it.

As per immigration solution for NRIs, the Ministry of External Affairs has drafted a plan. Under this, the fee charges for ETV are categorized in four, i.e. USD 20, USD 48, USD 60 and no fee. Even, this service will be availed for 150 countries till 31 March, 2016. And travellers can arrive through 16 airports in the country.

How to Get Online ETV

A visa seeker needs not waste hours while standing in a long queue. He or she has an online option available that can dispatch his/ her visa through a smooth channel of email. One can also apply for NRIs documentation work, as of CENOMAR, birth certificate and many more. Have a quick look over how to get ETV hassle-freely:

  1. Fill the application form online. The applicant has to mention the details regarding type of passport, nationality, port of arrival, DOB, Email ID, expected date of arrival and Visa type.
  2. Thereafter, the applicant has to pay the mandatory amount online. He/she can use debit card/ credit card for it.
  3. An email will be sent to the applicant annexing his/her Visa for access.
  4. The applicant can print out it for arrival.