Job Opportunities for NRIs in India

Job Opportunities for NRIs in India

The job market for migrants is expanding these days in India. The reports in the news portals are clear indicators of lots of happing in India’s job sector. The surging demand for qualified professionals has provided pace to it.

The fresh surveys and graphs represented 4 percent jump in the hiring of professionals during September, 2015. It symbolically indicates that the scope of NRIs and NRI services is going vast. As recruitment in IT/Telecom and infrastructure sectors are looking hungry for qualified and veteran professionals, NRIs can utilize this golden opportunity in Tier II cities especially.

Cities Throwing Big Job Opportunities for NRIs

Let’s have a look over the cities that attained remarkable positions in offering job opportunities. It would be substantial milestone for the Indian diaspora that wants to relocate in the native land with better prospects of jobs and lifestyle.

Ranking of the Cities Cities Rise in jobs (in percent)
1. Indore 19
2. Andhra Pradesh 18
3. Ahmedabad 17
4. Mumbai and Pune 14
5. Delhi/ NCR 8


Sectors showing rapid growth in job-figures

However, it is quite tough to give competition to the job prospects that foreign countries offer. They divert the creamy layer of the most talented professionals and brains from India. And why do such skilled ones let such lucrative job opportunities go? The developed countries pay off not only hefty amount as salary package but also give them perks time to time. Above all these, they facilitate standard lifestyle and secured future.

But the changing scenario is shifting the curve to India gradually. Like NRI investment in property and real-estate sector, the sectors that are showing marvelous growth in hiring expertise irrespective of boundaries are:

Sector’s Ranking Sectors Rise in job (in percent)
1. Infrastructure 10
2. Petrochemicals , oils & gas 9
3. IT/Telecom Sector 6
4. IT 5
5. Travel and Hospitality 5
6. BFSI 4

Position-wise Job Opportunities

Factually, the statistics shows gulf nations and European countries strike Asian brains, especially India’s. Since gulf nations are mostly indulged in extractions of fuels and metallurgy, thereby, engineers are in demand there. On the other hand, the European countries, especially the US, keep an eye on attracting IT professionals from this country.

Understanding the vibes of the present scenario, Indian economy is focusing on retaining and inviting the migrated NRIs to the nation again. For sure, the salary package, incentives and perks match to the foreign countries’. Have a look over the positions in which NRIs have started seeking bright future:

Job-Positions Average rise (in percent)
HR 13
Business Managers 12
Professional Consultants 12
Customer Service/ Tele-Calling Professionals 10
IT/ Telecom Professionals 6
Hospitality Professionals 5

Professionals of middle-level enjoyed the rise of maximum job offers till September 2015. And those, who have the experience of 5 to 10 years, are the most sought professionals here. Around 8 percent jump was registered in demand for these professionals in the month of September.

On an average, jump in the jobs for those who have 10 to 20 years of experience outside are relatively less in demand. This is relatively lesser than those of 5-10 years’ experience holders.

But the picture is changed for the migrants who have 20 or more years of experience in their wallet. It is reflected through the 9 percent decline in their job opportunities in the nation.

These are the efforts put to entertain the demands and expectation of indigenous talent. Hiring talent from abroad is quite easy but outflow of the national currency to the foreign nation is difficult to swallow.