How NRIs Can Get Passport without Birth Certificate

How NRIs Can Get Passport without Birth Certificate

Passport is the key to take a flight to overseas. You would surely confront denial in case you lack birth certificate. The Indian law approves immigration to those who pocket this vital document. What if you don’t have it? What if you need to catch the flight for abroad and you find it missing? It would surely be crucial point to comprehend what the law states for NRI services.

Birth Proof is Essential Proof for Passport

Indian government has declared birth certificate a mandatory document for the passport applicants. Possibility has it that many of them may not have it. Some might have lost it to flames while a few might have misplaced it. All in all, what their story narrates that they don’t have essential certificate of their birth. Beneath is given the significant information regarding birth document.

Is there any alternate document for passport?    

You must be considering whether you have any other option or document other than the foretold mandatory certificate. The answer is latent in the applicant’s date of birth. The Indian government states:

The citizen of India born on and after 26th January, 1989 can access Municipal Corporation. This government body holds authority to issue certificate of birth. Filling an application for the same can let you have it at hand within a month. The conclusion defines that the applicants falling in this category have no other option. They must get it issued for passport.

The citizen of India born before 26th January, 1989 marks an edge. They have liberty to pick up other valid options.

  • A school certificate from a recognized school mentioning the applicant’s date of birth represents the very first option.
  • It’s possible that he/she does not have it. Or, he/she completed school upto 5th standard or less than 10th standard only. In such circumstances, he/she can submit an alternate document. It will be a notarized affidavit (ANNEXURE ‘A’). This document should have place and DOB scripted.

Tips to Get Passport without Birth Certificate