Why NRIs Need Birth Certificate?

Why NRIs Need Birth Certificate?

It is very much official for every couple to register their child’s birth with the government office or hospital. In return, a birth certificate is issued. It authenticates the identity of the child; his relation with the parents and his belongingness to the country. In India, the authority of issuing this certificate is assigned to the Municipal Corporation and the hospitals.

Non-residents search for such legal NRI services in India that can avail this certificate quite easily. The major drawback of living abroad for migrants is their incapability of marking their presence for getting this certificate. But internet services and portal for NRI services have increased in figure.  Thereby, it is not so tough to get NRIs birth certificate.

What NRI birth certificate facilitates?

Now, it is essential to understand why an NRI needs it so badly. Have a look below to unveil some facts relating to immigration:

  1. Birth Certificate is an essential requirement for applying for green card.
  2. It enables to apply for Indian passport at Indian consulate, if the applicant is an NRI.
  3. It helps in applying for Indian citizenship, if parents are NRIs.

Situations when NRIs need birth certificate for seeking green card:

There are more or less, two main situations that require certificate of birth for NRIs. Let’s catch them one by one through instances:

  1. Assume yourself as an NRI. You have been migrated to the US for 15 years. Now, your parents have grown old and you want to bear all responsibilities of them. This is possible only by keeping them with you to the rest of their life. So, you have to authenticate your parents’ identity to prove their Indian citizenship. Thereupon, your parents’ application for green card will be approved. And then, they can be able to live with you. Thus, you have to get documentation work in India of this certificate done.
  2. As per second case, assume yourself as an Indian who has to go to abroad. You have been appointed as a sales executive in a reputed multi-national company. You have to apply for green card. The foreign embassy will ask for your birth certificate. The US embassy rejects mark-sheet of 10th class despite having mention of your birth date. In that case, you have to submit your genuine birth certificate.

Advantages of registering birth in India by NRIs:

If a child born to Indian couple but in abroad, the child wins citizenship of that nation automatically. But the constitution of India allows those NRIs to register their child to Indian consulate for attaining this country’s citizenship. If so happens, this parents can apply for passport of India for their child as well. But here, one condition is applied. The child should not have passport of the foreign country. Otherwise, it would be impossible to get it.

What documents are essential for registering child’s birth in Indian Consulate?

  1. Birth Certificate copy of the child. It can be obtained from the Municipal Corporation Office or the hospital where, he/ she is born.
  2. The photocopy of both parents’ passport.
  3. A photocopy of Indian citizenship, if you have got it by registration.
  4. A photocopy of marriage certificate of the parents.