Tips to Get Nativity Certificate for OCIs & PIOs

Tips to Get Nativity Certificate for OCIs & PIOs

Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) are individuals whose father or forefathers migrated to foreign country before 26th January 1950. Some emigrants (except Pakistan and Bangladesh) want to acquire Indian citizenship. Its prominent reasons can be attaining education, career and resettlement.

Indian government has set certain norms for them to acquire it. These norms appear as the greatest hindrance if they want to get admission in Indian engineering or medical college. Displaying nativity certificate becomes mandatory for this purpose.
What is Nativity Certificate? Why is it needed?

Nativity certificate is a legal proof that authenticates an individual’s Indian connection. Some Indians settled abroad years ago. Prosperous career, excellent job opportunities and marriage took them away from their motherland. Such people can dream of resettling via this valid proof. This certificate certifies their former connection with India. Hence, it removes barriers in the way to re-attain citizenship of this country later.

Who issues it?
The applicant can have link with any particular state or district. Therefore, state government or Tehsildar is an authorized body to issue it. It is mandatorily issued from the competent authority that should not be below a District Collector/ District Magistrate.

How to get it?
The applicant must keep these documents with him/her to get it:
• Application form
• Documental proofs of ancestral property, like previous home.
• Proofs of forefather’s school/college/ university information.
• Relative’s name and particulars to confirm his/her belongingness to India.
• Immigration proof of the applicant’s ancestor.

Is there any alternative of birth certificate of Nativity certificate?
In Christian religion, baptism is a special ritual conducted after child’s birth. The constitution accepts baptism certificate in place of birth certificate. It must be issued before October 1955 and attested by Collector/ District Magistrate.

From whom to get it attested?
Like other immigration documents, certificate attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is compulsory. Since July 2012, the apex authority for attestation in India has decided to accept application through outsourcers. This implies no applications will be accepted directly from the applicants.