What is OCI Card & How to Apply it in India?

What is OCI Card & How to Apply it in India?

What is OCI?
Overseas Citizen of India or OCI assigns dual citizenship to a foreign citizen. Such foreign applicant may fall in the categories mentioned below:

  • The citizen of India when India became republic, i.e. 26th January 1950
  • The citizen of the place which was annexed to the Indian territory after 15th August, 1947.
  • Child/grandchild/ great grandchild of the person belonging to the foregone category.
  • The minor of whose both (or a parent) hold the citizenship of India.
  • Spouse (of foreign origin) married to the Indian citizen or PIO (Person of Indian Origin)

Who can’t apply for OCI card?
Exception is also there for the applicants of OCI. Check out below who can’t be applicable for OCI Card:

  • The citizens of Pakistan or Bangladesh are ineligible for it.
  • If either of the parent does not hold the citizen of the foreign country.

On what conditions, a PIO can apply?
PIO or the Person of Indian Origin must:

  • Be living in India legally.
  • Have visa and it must have the validity of at least months spared from the date of their OCI application.
  • Not be on Missionary visa or mountaineering visa

What are the documents required for it?
For application: Online registration is the first step to apply for OCI card Online. https://passport.govt.in/oci is the online gateway to apply for it. This step will assign a registration permit. It will be used in the following step which is one-o-one session at embassy/consulate or Indian immigration office.  There, processing of the pan application will be conducted. Thereafter, OCI is issued and sent to the embassy/consulate. Later, the applicant is asked to submit his/her passport. It is done for putting stamp of OCI on the passport.

  • Present residency proof
  • Testimonies of self/parents/grandparents which can be the photocopy of the passport, the domicile certificate issued by the competent authority
  • Relationship proof as parent/grandparent who claimed OCI to prove their link with the Indian origin; the proof of their OCI can be known through school leaving certificate, land ownership record in India and birth certificate

For checklist: Cross examination of the given below documents is done by FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Office). So, be ready with them.

  • Duly filled three copies of application form.
  • All the foregone documents required for registration.
  • Current passport that should have validity of at least 6 months and 3-month valid Indian visa or photocopy of PIO card
  • Photocopy of registration permit
  • Previous or current passport’s photocopy of self/ parents/ grandparents
  • Birth certificate of the applicant. (And parents/grandparents’ for showing relationship)
  • Marriage certificate of the applicant
  • 3 photographs with light color background without spectacles or caps and the ears should be clearly visible.
  • Deed or petition for changing the name of the applicant (if the name is misspelt)
  • Demand draft for fee