What is PIO Card & How to Apply for It Online?

What is PIO Card & How to Apply for It Online?

What is PIO card?
PIO stands for Person of Indian Origin. On 15th September 2002, PIO card scheme became functional. However, it was drafted by the Government of India in 1999. The motto behind its drafting was to deliver convenience and easiness to the foreign natives. But one condition is applied here. The applicant should have the history of Indian origin. It means that the applicant should have Indian roots.

Is PIO Still Valid?

PIOs are the foreigners whose one or both parent took birth in India or were the citizen of India or the spouse of an Indian native/ PIO. The citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other country specified by the government can never obtain this card.

The applications before 9.01.2015 were processed for issuing this card. Afterwards, this facility is ceased. The Indian government has announced to convert it with OCI for lifetime visa for whatever reason across the country.

It conversion is absolutely free. The applicant can visit official government site. There, he can register in lieu of the lost PIO card. He must provide the PIO details and the photocopies of PIO card as well as passport. If any new passport has been issued, he must take it along with the old one for the stamp.

Getting it, the applicant can enjoy multiple flies to India. Its validity will long for the lifetime. He needs no police verification even though his stay exceeds the limited period f 180 days.

PIO Card Infographic

What is the eligibility criterion for it?
There are certain conditions applied for acquiring a PIO card. Catch the roundup of the eligibility criteria required for it below:

  • The applicant must not be the citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Sri Lanka.
  • The applicant should have the history of holding Indian passport before acquiring citizenship of foreign country.
  • The applicant or either of his/her parents or grandparents was born in India or permanent resident of India. But they must not belong to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Sri Lanka.
  • The applicant can be the spouse of Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin. He/she can be the spouse of the person belonging to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, China or Sri Lanka.

How to apply for it online?
Digitization is on surge today. So, documentation work is shifted from paper-bound files to online. The applicant must access the official website of Indian consulate. Alternatively, there are two options. You can either visit to http://mha.nic.in is an official online address to download its application form or go for outsourcing through S2NRI.

Having filled its application form, the mentioned below documents should be scanned and attached. One can apply for PIO card by accomplishing the formality of attaching them.

  • Photocopy of the foreign passport (of first three pages)
  • Photocopy of the old passport carrying Indian visa.
  • If the passport still holds validity, it should be sent for cancellation.
  • Photocopy of the initial VISA pages (H1/H4, L1/ L2, F1/ F2, J1/J2 etc.); It should be authenticated and registered with FRRO/ FRO. It should be counter-registered with Superintendent of Police; photocopy of Employment Authorization Card
  • Proofs of relationship: Birth certificate on which his/her parents’ name should be scripted. Or, the birth certificate of the parents wherein their parents’ name should be mentioned clearly.
  • Relationship proof (of either parents or grandparents): The photocopy of their old Indian passport (first 3 and last 2 pages). And the photocopy of their domicile certificates which were issued by the Gazetted officer in India.
  • Residency proof: Photocopy of notarized utility bills (electricity bill, phone bill)/ Driving License/ Lease Deed of residence; if the address of the residence differs from the one mentioned in the passport, provide proof in r/o new address.
  • Renunciation certificate issued from the government of India.

The scanned copies of the foretold documents should be emailed to the consulate’s official website.  The applicant should keep the originals with himself/herself to showcase later.

What’s its validity period?
This card will be valid for fifteen years. Or, its validity will last till the validity of the bearer’s passport.