Checklist of Documents to Get OCI Card Online

Checklist of Documents to Get OCI Card Online

Merger of PIO card to OCI

The bulletin of merging Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card in OCI card created chaos in Indian community abroad in 2014. Non-residents were stricken with fear. Actually, the then prime minister of India Narendra  Modi announced this merger. It was a shocking moment for the emigrants’ community since the PIO card was the only licence to battle the difficulties during visits to India.

It’s good news for the Indian diaspora abroad that it has got leverage of lifetime visit to the nation. Conversely, the persons of India could enjoy this leverage for just 15 years.

Checklist of the Documents required for OCI:

Emigrants trap in confusion when it comes to submission of documents. Lacking any document from the checklist of conversion is likely to rejection. Therefore, it is recommended to get well-prepped with the whole checklist in advance.

Documents required:

  • Completely filled OCI application form with its three duplicate copies
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Registration permit and its copy in case the applicant arrived to India 90 days before submitting the OCI application.
  • Parents’/ Grandparents’ passport of India (It can be current or expired.)
  • Passport and its photocopy with at least 6 months validity
  • Indian visa with 3 months validity or PIO card
  • Birth Certificate in case the applicant is applying on the basis of his/her parents or grandparents.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Land ownership records
  • 3 photographs with either grey or white background and no spectacles /caps measuring 35mmX35mm
  • Affidavit or application if the name of the applicant or its spelling has been changed.
  • Demand draft of INR 15,000 as a payment if the applicant did not get OCI card online. It can be varied. If it is merged, the fee would be nil or nominal against the postal service. The demand draft should be made in favour of account officer (Secretariat) Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), New Delhi.

Are you confused over what would be the documents of parents and grandparents? Let’s have a roundup of these valid proofs:

  • Proof of being Indian citizen at the time its constitution was declared. It can be their birth certificate, school certificate or land ownership records.
  • Proof of their belongings to this country on 15th August, 1947
  • Proof of their citizenship on 26th January 1950. It can be the domicile certificate issued by the competent authority or their passport.

What if the applicant fails to prove his citizenship?

At such critical time, the applicant must obtain nativity certificate. It is issued by the state government. It officially declares that the authentic relation of the applicant with his/her parents and grandparents.

It can be any Baptism certificate issued by the church and attested by the Collector/ District Magistrate.